Captain America: The First Avenger vs. Doctor Strange



Hard to find fault with too many of Marvel's origin movie. They're just so damn good.

Doctor Strange impressed me much more

I hate origin stories in my super hero movies.

Doctor Strange proved the Marvel formula still has yet to explore uncharted territory, whereas The First Avenger's montage format kinda fell flat for me.

Captain America is the one!

Going with Cap. Doctor Strange was a good movie and a little more whimsical with its visuals and plot solutions, but overall I felt I had heard that kind of story so many more times before.

People complain about Strange being unlikable, but at least he isn't a pussy like Cap is in his first movie. Literally can't think of a single thing the uneven Cap 1 does better than DS.

I like them both. The fight with Scott Adkins in Doctor Strange is the greatest action scene the MCU has created. Still taking The First Avenger.