Captain America: The First Avenger vs. Green Lantern



Big Clash of the 2011 Superhero Movies up in here! I thought both of these movies were decent enough. Captain America I think has fewer flaws, so I'll go with the Marvel in this battle.

Good God, it's not even close. Captain America is pure fun, a perfect mix of old school dazzle and good old-fashioned charisma. Green Lantern is a waste of film.

I agree with JoshMan on this one, to me Thor, Green Lantern, and Captain America all kind of hover around the same area in terms of quality. All are fun, light-hearted and incredibly corny but nothing special in relation to most other superhero films. All are incredibly flawed but entertaining nonetheless.

Cap hits a high standard of excellence by combining a cool plot, breathtaking action sequences, a heavy dose of self discovery and realization, charisma, a dash of patriotism, love and puts it all together in one amazing package. Green Lantern is a disgrace to the genre. Anyone putting the two in the same league should seek help immediately.

Cap was such a good movie. Future comic book movies should be made like this. Green Lantern...well, could of been more. There was more talking scenes then action which was disappointing. This just goes to show that DC movies can do only one thing right...Batman. Marvel is surperior in every single way.

Marvel really did show up films like Green Lantern and Cowboys & Aliens. Producers of both have got to hate Maarvel for being so much better than them at doing these kinds of films. I just loved Captain America. I thought it was smart and the impressive cast really delivered!

Captain America is so much better that it really is kind of sad for the WB. You'd think the WB would start to try and copy some of the Marvel formula at this point but instead they keep throwing movies like Superman Returns, Catwoman, Jonah Hex, The Losers, Green Lantern, etc at the screen and making us all sick. Marvel rented out some of their characters and got served crap like Elektra and Punisher War Zone but learned as others butchered their properties. As a result, great films like Iron Man, Cap and Thor have hit because they learned a lesson. Too bad the WB can't seem to figure it out. I have a feeling Man of Steel is going to be another Green Lantern sad to say.

Captain America is 'till to this point, one of the finest movies by Marvel Studios. It's solid through it interity. Green Lantern,on the other hand, is a movie that to me starts very good but then progresses to bad,worst and abysmal. Marvel got this one.

Hate green lantern. I was looking forward to it, but I hated it as soon as Blake Lively started talking

I will be the lone voice of dissent here and pick GL (not just because I enjoy being a contrarian). There's little between them and, as well made as Cap is, the character Steve Rogers is just far too dull. Oh, and fuck patriotism.

They were comparing green lantern to star wars. What is wrong with them! It's like comparing a nice summer day to a dead chicken in the road with it's guts coming out.

Yeah, the next Star Wars indeed! LOL! Captain America is a great film and one of the best adventure films of 2011. Green Lantern is already forgotten by most.

This is a bit sideways of this discussion, but: I fully agree that Captain America is far superior, but I don't get why people like Thor more than Green Lantern. They're practically the same movie: Too full of over-the-top CGI craziness and blessed with a leading man just charismatic enough to keep us from completely hating the main character. Anyway, Captain America was great fun, so it wins by a landslide here.

really need to stop blowing huge budgets with marginal movies based on comics like these. Both watchable but should have been a whole lot better.

Enjoyed both. Didn't love either, but Green Latern just couldn't keep it together as well as the Cap. Marvel wins...

Green Lantern sucks. Captain America owns, but still has a few flaws. On the other hand, Green Lantern is FULL of flaws.

Captain America was better but Green Lantern was also great

Yeah, Green Lantern was much more flawed (from its cast on down). Captain America: The First Avenger is simply a more enjoyable film.

I can't really explain why but I liked Green Lantern more. I guess for me fighting aliens>shooting Nazis.

Wow I'm in the minority here, I enjoyed Green Lantern more.

Lol, Green Lantern is laughably terrible. Captain America wins. It’s 110x times better then that the Green Lantern crap.

There aren't that many movies that I would say I "hate", but Green Lantern might just one of them, because I love the character of the Green Lantern, and the movie just absolutely butchered his story... TFA is a thousand times better.