Se7en vs. Raiders of the Lost Ark



My number 2 vs my number about excellent movies with excellent endings. The opening of the ark is easily the most terrifying scene out of all the Indiana Jones movies. And the 'what's in the box'-scene in Se7en is almost as terrifying. Love 'em.

Yeah, I can watch these two over and over again. It's just that Raiders isn't as emotionally powerful as Se7en.

Eh, I have to be in a certain mood to really enjoy Se7en. Raiders of the Lost Ark, however, can be enjoyed in any mood. Indy wins.

Definitely Se7en.

Se7en gets the win for me. I've been so fascinated with it lately, and is rising fast on my list.

I liked Se7en when I first saw it...but when I bought it on blu-ray and watched it again, I loved it and understood its greatness. The opening titles, the chilling atmosphere of the (always raining) city, and the fantastic performance by Kevin Spacey. And who can't forget that ending?! But...Raiders does win this by a hair. Both films have evolved into my Top 10 over the past year.

For now I'm going with Raiders, but I have a feeling that after I rewatch Se7en that will change.

This site is fucking CRAZY. Seven is like, on the lower end of "okay." Being generous.

Yeah, man, opinions. Then again, what is sanity?


Hmm. Pretentious crap vs. exhilarating, well-crafted adventure movie. Which one do I pick??


I was right...Se7en wins.

Definitely Raiders. Se7en is overall great as well but Raiders is better.

Two absolute masterpieces, but raiders is my all time favorite film.

I didn't get round to seeing Raiders until much later on in life (it was actually the last Indiana Jones film I managed watched in its entirety), so I don't have the rose-tinted view on it as a lot of people do. While I think it's a great adventure film, and easily the best in the series, I do find some of its tropes annoying rather than funny (which again, probably results from having watched it for the first time in 2012, rather than while growing up in the 80s or 90s), although nothing about it will ever be as annoying as Temple of Doom. Se7en was much more surprising and enjoyable in a peverted, cathartic way, and I never saw the twist coming, whereas Raiders of the Lost Ark, having been so heavily spoofed, referenced and exposed by general pop culture before I got round to watching it, held little to no surprises. So I'm going to have to hand this one to Se7en.

^Eh, you don't have to. I watched Raiders almost directly after seeing Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in the theater (the latter was my first Indiana Jones film) and it's now one of my favorite films, so I don't think you have to watch it in the 80s or 90s to love it now. It did take me a while to love it as much as I do now though, I didn't fall instantly in love with it.

^Interesting. I said that because most people who I know who consistently praise the Indy films (in the flesh that is, rather than on Flickchart) have grown up with them and admit to loving them as childhood films. Still if that's how you feel, I'll definitely reconsider Raiders if nothing else. Like I said before, I think it's a very good film (at the moment it's in the bottom end of my top 100 on Flickchart, which is a highly respectable position in my eyes), so much so that I bought it on DVD in the local charity shop where I work, now a favourite outlet for second-hand bargain DVDs of mine. It's just not a "favourite film" of mine, like it is with so many other people.

Raiders crushes.

Except if you're a David Fincher movie called "Fight Club", every Spielberg movie is better than you. Seriously, Se7en was kinda godawful.


Se7en is more legal


I prefer Raiders any day of the week.

Se7en is a masterclass in suspense, but Raiders is a masterpiece. I love both, but gotta go with Raiders because it brings me more joy.