Se7en vs. Fight Club



Pitt vs. Pitt. Fincher vs. Fincher. It took all my willpower not to flip a coin on this one. Both are great movies, but I think I'm going to have to go with Fight Club. It's hard to pick something good about one that isn't also good in the other, but I think the plot twist in Fight Club was stronger.

This is one of the toughest choices I've had to make yet on this site. I don't even know where to begin.

Not sure if I have had this choice come up for me. These days it seems like I would choose the movie I would see more often/ more comfortably and is less grim - Fight Club wins in this toss up.

"Fight Club" sucked. It bales in comparison to "American Psycho" and the excessive attention to appearing cool would shame even Tarantino. It represents a creative low for Fincher, who knocked "Seven" out of the park. Hell, I even liked "Alien3" better than "FC"!

When it comes down to it, Se7en had a better ending and better performances.

Both of these movies blew my mind. Two of my all-time favorite endings EVER. Brad Pitt is brilliant in both. (Se7en was actually the movie that convinced me he's a damn fine actor, and not just a pretty face.) It doesn't matter what David Fincher does from here on out: He made Se7en and Fight Club. Se7en, however, has Morgan Freeman and an absolutely pitch-perfect Kevin Spacey. Se7en all the way.

I love both, though Fight Club is a ten, and Se7en is an eight. I've watched a hell of a lot of modern violent films involving psychopaths and serial killers, or just criminals in general, and although Se7en was definitely one of the better ones, it doesn't have near the depth of Fight Club in its script, acting, messages, themes, entertainment, rewatch value...

Fight Club wins by virtue of the replayability granted to it by the sort of film it is. It's an experience, to say the least, watching it a second, third, etc. time and marveling at all the hints at the film's conclusion. Se7en, when put up against Fight Club, seems a tad straightforward and mundane, though I love it too for different reasons altogether.

Se7en is a master work, but it's just a little too pessimistic. And I'm a sucker for social satire.

When I saw Se7en in the theatre, movies were a new hobby for me. I was blown away first time & watched it a second time. Still marvel at the design of the movie. While Fight Club is undeniably fantastic, Se7en wins by a (disfigured) nose.

hard one love them both

Fincher is great. These two and Zodiac are his best works. I go between all of those....dont know which is my favorite.

They're equal. Since I have to choose one I'll pick Se7en for the rain sequence. I love rain in movies.

Got to go with "Fight Club," if only because "Se7en" is just too damn gruesome to watch over and over again.

FC has a stronger story, and the "gotcha" moment holds up on repeated viewings, even if you know it's coming. Pitt/Freeman is strong, but Pitt/Norton is better. I also find FC's social commentary more biting and enduring than Se7en's. Still gotta go with FC.

These are by far my all time favorite Brad Pitt films. Both have endings that you would not see coming until it dose. With Se7en it was dark and twisted and sometimes very creepy. Like when the victum for Sloth turned out not to be dead I won't lie I jumped when he moved. In Fight Club it was a great inturpentation of Neo Noir. Also it should how that most of the stuff that you buy in life you don't really need. However both endings didn't go well for Brad, but in the end I'll have to go with Fight Club. In Tyler we trust....

Why are you making me choose?? I choose Fincher.

Se7en for me. I liked it more.

Two of the best 90s movies, both happen to also star Brad Pitt... Weird. Fight Club FTW.

Two excellent films that both happen to be directed by David Fincher and star Brad Pitt. The combination of Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman is powerful, but the combination of Brad Pitt and Edward Norton is undefeatable. Fight Club wins.

I never liked Fight Club.


Edward Norton and Brad Pitt give their career best performances in a spectacular film with a nifty twist ending can't be beat.

This discussion alone is proof that we've all broken the first rule of...

FC has Norton and Pitt and Meat Loaf with tits of all people. Clear winner

@cleckley: Nice.

How did I miss this one? Now this is a challenge. 2 master pieces from a director whose work should only be compared to other work of his hand. Unlike most of my posts I don't instinctively know why I have one over the other. They're both so far up the list that we're really splitting hairs here. Ultimately, Fightclub gets it for having all the subversivity, thought provoking ideas, visual radiance and lifetime-acheivement-award-winning acting of Se7en, with a little extra "what the f*** am I watching" freshness to goose the meter that extra watt. In Tyler we trust.

It's amazing that the same guy was capable of making a movie I love as much as Se7en and a movie I hate as much as Fight Club.

Se7en. I love both, but Se7en is so pessimistic, it hurts. And I love the film for it. I am not easily disturbed by fictional films, but some of the scenes in Se7en really hit a nerve. And the look on Pitt's face just before he pulls the trigger is heartbreaking. There are dozens of moments like that in Se7en that actually make this kind of easy for me. Like I said, love both. But I gotta give it to Se7en.

Seven was good no doubt and the ending was jaw dropping. But I think that the director missed the chance to make the killings more dramatic. Fight Club is a near masterpiece. A movie with name that prepares you for another stupid summer movie, but turns out to make you have to think. I think thats brilliant. And this action film has a good script a very important component in an action film although no one will admit it. With this decision, it's Fight Club any day of the week.

This is a tough call Seven is a film that knocked me on my ass when I first saw it and it has stayed with me to this day but FIght Club has even more going for it so many great elements in one movie I have to say I love Fight Club even more.

I think what we can learn here is Brad Pitt David Fincher = EXCELLENT movie. Edge: Fight Club, but only just.


I really like Fight Club. I don't like Se7en. Perhaps if I saw Se7en when it first came out I'd have a stronger appreciation for it, but having watched it twice (once just to watch it because it's a film many hold in high regard; the second time to give it another shot) earlier this year . . . I don't get why it's loved by so many. Lol. Perhaps I'm missing something. I'm not among those who screams "OVERRATED!" every time I don't enjoy a popular movie. TO ME, the film just seemed to draaaag, and I didn't really care about the killings, the constant depressing mood turned me off, and I saw the ending coming a mile away. I DID like the last 15 minutes mostly because of how intense they were, despite me knowing what was going down. But it just wasn't enough for me to recommend the movie as a whole. To each his own. I also predicted the ending to Fight Club 15 minutes in, but it at least entertained me from beginning to end.

@joeydvo: "...the director missed the chance to make the killings more dramatic." No way. No effing way. Fincher was smart enough to realize that what is left up to the audience's imagination can be far scarier than what he puts on screen. 99% of the violence does not occur on screen, yet John Doe is considered one of the most vicious and disturbing movie serial killers of all time. We're shown the grisly aftermath of the Gluttony, Greed, Sloth and Pride killings. But which one is the most effective for me? The Lust killing, in which we are shown a brief glimpse of the murder weapon, and then a hyperventilating Leland Orser describes what he was forced to do. Far, far, FAR more terrifying. And then, of course, the box. Flashing a single frame of Gwyneth Paltrow's face on the screen is far more effective than showing a bloody prosthetic in the box. Fincher's direction on Se7en was note-for-note PERFECT.

Seven owns on this one. OWNS!

serousely could some one enplane why seven is good to me i did not like it all all i thought it was slow and the little gore they showed was not good enough i mean is this suppose to be like 6th seance dose it just get by on the ending i mean i just dont get it fight club on the ohter hand made u think about life and ur life and the world and was great and deep se7en is not scary and dose not make u think so why is it so great realy would some one enplane it to me

I love me some Edward Norton and Fight Club is a good film but it's se7en all the way. Both have great endings but Se7en is the movie that made me a Kevin Spacey fan. I saw it before Usual Suspects and it's the reason i watched it. What's in the BOX?

Se7en is one of the only few movies to make me feel incredibly depressed at the end of it. It's also probably the most grisly film I've seen yet. I loved Fight Club but found Se7en and even the novel of Fight Club to be better than it. Se7en is an easy win for me.

Fight Club kicks ass.

Se7en. I absolutely loved it. Sure, Fight Club has a better twist (or should I say twists), is funnier, is slightly less boring and is even more relatable; however Se7en had a much bigger impact on me. I also think the acting is superior. The dialogue between Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt seems off at first, but later turns out to be very natural and realistic. They had a great relationship in the movie. Also: Kevin Spacey, man. He was phenomenal in the movie, even if he was less than 30 minutes in it. My eyes were glued to the screen and was contantly wondering what would happen next. Since recently one of my favourite movies.

Se7en for me.Both these films are in my top 10 though.

Fight Club for sure.

I watched Se7en for the first time only a few days ago. These are the scenes that stood out upon my first viewing: 1) The chase scene between Detective Mills and John Doe. One of the best I've ever seen. Super intense. 2) The scene when it's discovered that the "Sloth" victim isn't yet dead. How sick was that? That may have been the best part of the movie. 3) The notorious "What's in the box?" scene at the end. Even though I saw the twist ending coming because I've heard about it for years, it still impressed the hell out of me. Meanwhile, Fight Club is a movie I've seen at least a dozen times over the years and, for some reason, it's really lost its luster for me. I can't put my finger on why that is but, right now, I see Se7en as the much better film.

I am one of the only people I know who read Fight Club. Palahniuk created a world in which we see ourselves and Fincher brought it to life. Se7en, on the other hand made me stand in awe at the complexity and perfection of an, often, overdone genre of serial killers. I am a sucker for Kevin Spacey and Brad Pitt and in the end it's a choice between mom or dad. Tyler Durden is one of my all time favorite characters, but Pitt's performance in Se7en tore at my heart. I have to go with Se7en because of the ending. Fight Club has an overall better script and is more quotable, but Se7en leaves a deep scar in my memory that will last for the rest of my life.

Fight Club when looked at overall, it's an 8.4/10, Se7en's an 8.1/10.

suck it se7en


Se7en for sure. I think when Fight Club first came out it may have appeared the stronger movie - but it has not aged well. The subject matter is dated - it has a very late 90s corporate-angst vibe, dated electronic score, and the story is a little juvenile - relying on a dual personality gimmick. Uggh. Se7en feels much more mature. It has aged extremely well on all accounts - music, photography, acting, mood, pacing and subject matter. It's a classic thriller that will hold up against the greats many decades from now. It could have been released today, as is, and would still do extremely well. I don't believe will have that same fate.

waaaay to hard, but I must say I watched seven when I was about 8 years old and I loved it, it will be always in my mind, 10/10 kind of movie! fight club still a 10/10 but Seven is in become a part of my childhood

Heres the thing guys.which one had a beter twist? which one had a bigger following? which one was more fucked up and disturbing? which one featured better acting and directing? which one impacted you? to me Fight Club wins in most of the catagories besides being disturbing. Se7en was pretty much a horror film without any monster or whatever. Fight Club pretty much slapped society in the face back in 1999 and was very controversial due to its main message. and the twist completly made you rethink the movie instead of it being a straight forward movie.

Oh no why is this happening... do i really need two Fincher films in my top 20?

Se7en > Fight Club all day long.

Se7en is the best Fincher movie in my opinion

Two fantastic films but seven's climax is far superior to that of fight club. Both good movies but se7en all the way

Sesevenen, I suppose.



... I predicted both twists. :( Thankfully Fight Club was flat-out awesome. Se7en? Not so much.

I like Fight Club, but it didn't amaze me as much as other people. I predicted the twist pretty early on (the film stinks of symbolist mind-f*ck), and while the social satire is deep and clearly has a lot more to it than can be ascertained on a single viewing, didn't really interest me that much. The only thing I like in Fight Club more than Se7en is Brad Pitt's performance; I thought he was much more interesting as a scheming, smooth-talking beacon of masculinity in Fight Club than a hot-headed bad cop a la Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon and Michael Douglas in Black Rain. Aside from that, Se7en is a much better film; intriguing, disturbing, one of the most genuinely shocking fictional films I have ever seen (I DIDN'T predict the twist), and with some of the best cinematography I have ever seen in a Fincher film (the rain chase scene is awesome, right from the Alien3 school of dark, grimey photography for which I love Fincher) and standout performances from Freeman and Spacey. Fight Club is definitely a top 100 film, but Se7en is a top 50 film (which these days doesn't happen very often for me).


Fight club is my bible

This is getting extremely difficult for me. Se7en keeps on my rising up my list, while recently Fight Club just moved down one spot. Fight Club is very re-watchable and turned into a gem of cinema. People don't like the ending, but I've learned to embrace it. Se7en's climax is more gripping and mind blowing than Fight Club though, and the performances are thick as. I will still say Fight Club, but this is one damn competition.

Fight Club comes off as idiotic for me. I didn't enjoy it, as for Se7en it focuses more on its story and is a great detective flick.

I choose Zodiac.

I'd be interested to know which Fincher thinks is better. Fight Club has it for me.

My two favorite Fincher films. Fight Club has the slight edge.

FIGHT CLUB is my all time favourite film!!!!!!! I know this cuz Tyler knows this.

Both masterpieces. I love Fight Club more though.

Se7en has one of the best endings I've ever seen and Kevin Spacey is a Boss!!!


Fight Club is Fincher's masterpiece! Definitely going with that.

Fight Club has the edge.

Fincher/Pitt vs. Fincher/Pitt. Both are cult classics. And both are just a bit overrated in my book. Notwithstanding, both are very good movies. Se7en is my pick as Fight Club gets a bit outlandish as the movie progresses.

Two of Brad Pitt's career defining roles and two of the great films of the decade in the 1990's. Kevin Spacey's cameo performance in Seven might be as good as any small role in movie history. In Fight Club, the uniqueness of the story telling and the performances of Ed Norton and Pitt are incredible. Fincher's Fight Club ultimately, is better, but both are triumphs of film making and brilliant performances by Pitt.

If you have an opinion about Brad Pitt and have not seen Seven or Fight Club, you have an incomplete opinion. These movies are incredible and are absolute must see films. I prefer Fight Club to Seven, but there is no right answer here

Fight Club beats the Se7en Deadly Sins on this one

Fight Club

I'd rather watch Se7en.

I actually remember seeing both these films on the same rainy day a few months ago. I think they're both great but I remember Fight Club leaving me the most stunned - in a good way. Fight Club for me.

Oh damn...It has to be Fight Club. Fincher is an absolute pro at book to movie adaptations.

Two gritty Fincher films. I prefer the cult classic, Fight Club.

Se7en wins in my opinion.But taking nothing away from fight club.Its dark humour , memorable dialouges,twist and Especially performances are mind blowing.The only problem 'bout fight club is its not so great ending.It didn't live up to the whole movie.But apart from that its great and seats in my top 50.

1st Rule

Gonna be frankly; Se7en's so overrated, it hurts. Though it's very original, it lacks itself on many ways it tried to be unique. Isn't even a disturbing nor a violent one. It's also very uninteresting considering it's original. With his taut teeters, Se7en was kind of average. The haunting finale, though, was very exciting and the chase between Pitt/Spacey just works as well the first time. On the other hand, Fight Club is far more interesting and entertaining. It exceeds itself where Se7en lacks. It's also one of the best "Imaginary Friend" flicks I've seen, though it's also very badass. Though I still like Se7en merely OK, Fight Club abuses it.

I change my decision fight club is far better movie and gets the win here

Se7en by far. Fight Club is not a bad movie but I honestly think it is very overrated. Se7en is a true masterpiece among thrillers.

I love both but I would rather watch Fight Club.

Both were pretty dang good, but I feel like Fight Club was cooler (especially the beginning). Close call.

Fight club is my second favourite movie all time, so the choice is easy although I love seven.

Se7en is one of the best murder mystery thrillers ever made but Fight Club remains a much more edgy and subversive film.

se7en is excellent, and fight club is probably an even better movie on technical terms, but i can't stand its fanbase

What fire123 said. Fight Club is alright, Se7en is one of the 5 best movies of the 1990s!

Se7en>Fight Club

i enjoyed more fight club but se7en is a better film than fight club

Se7en is far better here..

WOW, this is so hard……………………. hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, i pick Se7en

WOW, this is so hard……………………. hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, i pick Se7en

WOW, this is so hard……………………. hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, i pick Se7en

Se7en is fincher’s best while fight club is often mostly overrated movie on every area.

Se7en is fincher’s best while fight club is often mostly overrated movie on every area.

Se7en is fincher’s best while fight club is often mostly overrated movie on every area.

Se7en comfortably.

Fight Club, but you cant go wrong with either, they're both perfect and fincher's best 2 movies

Both are very close in quality in my opinion, but i choose FC because his name is Robert Paulson.

Still Se7en for me. I liked it more.