Se7en vs. A Clockwork Orange



Two gritty films. I'm going with Se7en. It's one of Brad Pitt's finest performances.

Se7en is more amazing

Se7en squeaks by...

Both brilliant films. If you want more action and suspense go for Se7en. But for me, it will always be ACWO(seen 7 times). The perfect film. I don't normally cry, but every time I watch the tears flow when Alex's former droogs, now cops, put his head in the water. Today, I realized that I wasn't crying for Alex. I shed tears for human freedom. This realization has led me to cherish and see what my "eyes wide shut" didn't. For me, this transforming power makes ACWO the better film. However, you cannot go wrong with either, and perhaps Se7en holds a transforming power that I have not yet discovered.

This is close, but Se7en is a more satisfying experience and masterpiece. David Fincher outclasses Stanley Kubrick in this one.

Both amazing. A clockwork orange because it seemed to me a bit more philosophical.

Se7en steals the show here.

A Clockwork Orange, definitely

Two "disturbing", style over substance, and frankly, boring movies. I'll take Clockwork because It's Kibrick.

Se7en, no doubt.

Se7en definitely.

As per the great Stanley Kubrick, to be a psychopath of one's own choice and free will is to be more human than someone who doesn't "choose" to be a good human being and, rather, is conditioned into being so through indoctrination. This nonsense was not the point of Anthony Burgess's novella.

A Clockwork Orange