Se7en vs. 12 Monkeys



This is the Pitts.

Tough matchup. I think 12 Monkeys is way under-rated.

12 Monkeys is the better film and Pitt performance.

I love Bruce Willis but Freeman Spacey > Willis

I found Seven to be more of an engaging story and Spacey's character is one of the best villains of all time.

Two horribly depressing numerical films that I find to be more overrated around the net than any others.

Holy shit this is toooough, both amazing movies... gona say Se7en

Both are near-masterpieces. I like TWELVE MONKEYS a bit more because it's Terry Gilliam and he's one of my idols. But I can see how SE7EN has been enduring, but I thought MANHUNTER should get credit for starting that genre.

That one goes to 12 Monkeys. Wonderful movie

Se7en is the movie that convinced me that Brad Pitt is a fantastic actor and not just another pretty face. Then I saw 12 Monkeys, and it just solidified that. I'm normally a sci-fi fan, and particularly fond of time travel stories, but I have to give Se7en the nod here. I think it has the most brilliantly-written ending I've ever seen, and the entire cast is fantastic, not just Pitt. That movie so devastated me the first time I saw it, but has gone on to become easily one of my favorite movies of all time. 12 Monkeys, to me, is just really quite good.


Two of Pitt's best in a very competitive matchup. Se7en wins because of the fantastic ending.

Both great acting, both great directing, but I have to go with the film that speaks so deeply, shockingly and daringly to what is right and what is wrong. Se7en simply makes all other serial killer films a superflous waste of time.

12 Monkeys is about 454,093,743,936,002,343,619 light years ahead of Seven, which is just another serial killer movie with more nauseating death sequences. And no, Brad Pitt is not good in Seven - he puts on so much false bravado and bullshit brashness ("I'm a brash young cop! Look at the stupid decisions I'm gonna make!") that by the end I was hoping that Morgan Freeman was the killer, and that he'd shoot Brad Pitt in the face. *sigh* at least I can dream.

Se7en. 12 Monkeys was too long, and, honestly, I could go on living without it.

Both of these movies I think are very good. Se7en is very suspenseful and intriguing. The ending was a little disappointing for me. I thought that 12 Monkeys was a good movie and the story line about traveling back in time to stop an apocalyptic event was very cool. I think 12 Monkeys is the winner.

very tough choice, great 1995, but I have to pick 12 monkeys, well written

Gotta go with Se7en here. 12 Monkeys, is solid...but not on par with Fincher's masterpiece...

7 vs 12? Half dozen of one, six X two of the other?


12 is more than 7. Time travel and apocalypse beat serial killer and twist ending.

Fuck this is hard. But i'm gonna go watch Se7en and then watch both

12 Monkeys is good, but not Gilliam's best. Brazil and Fear and Loathing are better (I've yet to see Monty Python and the holy grail, it's on my to-watch list). I also think Se7en has the superior Brad Pitt performance.

Se7en wins in a very close contest.

12 monkeys is good but it did let me down a bit going into the movie i was expecting to be blown away after all i love sci fi, i love mysteries, i love mind benders, i love futuristic movies, i love bruce willis. After sitting through it i decided i liked it but it definitely didnt live up to my expectations. se7en on the other hands did not let me down one bit

This is probably the only situation in which seven is greater than twelve.

Both are great films from 1995 starring Brad Pitt. Se7en wins it, but its close.

Two of 1995's best, both with a great performance from Brad Pitt. Se7en has the slight edge.

Se7en is by far the best of 1995.

Two great films from the same year. I've seen both twice and I love both of them. But I'll go with 12 monkeys because it's more original than Se7en which has that whole old cop young cop formula going on even it uses it to its advantage

Se7en is a much better film. Bottom line.

I love both of these movies. But for me, 12 Monkeys is a top 10 of all time. I can watch it over and over and pick up something new, which I love in a film.

12 Monkeys is a much smarter film.

Se7en, not even close imo.