Se7en vs. Predator



I love Seven but I love Predator even more.

Both are present in my top 20 and will be staying there for a long time. Se7en for its disturbingly dark tone, suspense and Kevin Spacey.

Se7en, Predator is great but Se7en is in my top 100

Se7en takes the win for me. Predator is still seriously entertaining and is a childhood fave.

Se7en for me without much hesitation

Se7en is better in pretty much every way, but Predator is still a great movie. Se7en wins.

Love 'em both...but sometimes I enjoy the movie that isn't necessarily the "better movie." Predator all day...


Predator is probably the best Arnie flick, but I still have to go for 7.

Se7en. Predator was a lot more entertaining as a young teenager growing up who was always too young to see it, but now that I'm "legal", and given the amount of shit which the franchise ultimately spawned and how much of an effect it had on the Alien franchise, I don't have much respect for it (yes, I know that's the fault of Fox Studios and army of fanboys crying out for that stuff, and not the fault of the original film, but I don't care). As far as I'm concerned, it's now a mildly entertaining 80s muscles-fest ("mildly" being the operative word) with some memorable effects from the late Stan Winston.


I thought Predator was decent but Se7en beats it easily.

Both are overrated bores. I'll Se7en for now.

Does Se7en have a choppa? I think not.

Egant said it best AGAIN! Both are top 12 on my list.

Predator is simply the greatest action movie of all time. I love se7en, but I gotta give it to predator.