Se7en vs. Star Wars



Nothing beats Star Wars. Nothing.

Se7en comes incredibly close, but in the end most films bow down to Star Wars.

Nothing beats Star Wars...except Se7en, hehehe. Hm. Absolutely nothing beats Empire though.

Nothing George "Sellout" Luca$h has ever done can beat Fincher's unsettling, macabre masterpiece.

Se7en is amazing, but Star Wars rarely loses.

Se7en= awesome movie but c mon guys this is the first star wars movie!

Star Wars. And I love Seven....

Se7en takes Star Wars' optimism and stomps on it. Pessimism!


Star Wars by far.

It is easily Se7en

Are you insane. Star Wars all the way.

Star Wars

Star Wars... it's practically unbeatable.

Very hard choice, but I think Star Wars is the winner. But I love both Morgan Freeman in Se7en and Peter Cushing in Star Wars.

Meh... 7.

Star Wars. I mean I love, love, love, love, LOVE Se7en but hey it is, after all, Star Wars we`re talking about here. Although, Se7en might just be my favorite murder-thriller of all time.

Se7en is far better than Star Wars the original.

Se7en is a better movie

lmao Se7en is by far superior

i have seen it on kumfi movies. the best streaming service