Se7en vs. Saw



What can you say about this matchup? Seven was the horrificly awesome film that honestly kept the genre of thrilhorror rolling. Saw defined a new generation of inventive splat gore. It's a difficult decision, but I had to go Se7en, for the bigger names and storyline.

Two of the most brilliant gorefests I've seen. Both have incredible WHAT THE F*** moments (no initials here, I screamed it on both cases), but it's the SE7EN script by Andrew Kevin Walker that nails it. Ages since I've seen it; should buy the DVD.

Saw had the concept, but not the execution, and the execution is where Se7en knocked it out of the park. It didn't hurt that it had Pitt and Freeman starring.

Se7en is not a gorefest. It is far, far, FAR more psychological. Saw is diabolical...and gross. Se7en is in my top ten, but, while it did have a certain sick brilliance to it, Saw sits well below 600 on my Flickchart. Besides, Saw (despite an impressive turn from Cary Elwes) just can't beat the performances in Se7en. What a cast.

Saw is my pick! Se7en was good but to me it was highly overrated

now this is tough... saw was epic. so new and different. but seven... hmmm


Se7en has a better cast and better production values.

Saw is only good when they are in the room. The rest of the movie is almost useless. It doesn't measure up to Seven in any way.


Se7en didn't do much for me. I tried to see it once, couldn't get through the first half. Then I tried again months later and watched it through. The last 15 minutes were great, even with the predictable twist. But that wasn't enough to redeem it for me. Saw kept me entertained and guessing from the start.

Wan and Whannell merely seemed to be aiming to shock and horrify their audience, I thought. Fincher and Walker aimed to shake them to their very cores.

The horrendous acting in Saw alone makes this a no-brainer. Saw relied solely on shock and gore. Se7en relied on immersive storytelling, great performances and cinematic visualization. Se7en by miles and miles.

I'm a massive horror fan, so this is a tough, tough decision for me. Ultimately, I'll go with Se7en, but the original Saw was more than just a gimmick movie. But I agree with PiccoloKing on the acting...Saw simply can't compete with Se7en.

Se7en by a long mile. Much more advanced than Saw in acting, plot and climax. Both have grisly content, but Se7en proves that not showing it can have a lasting impact on your imagination.

I do believe Saw was inspired by Se7en. The twist ending, the depressive tone, and the two detectives. It's just that Se7en was more well executed.

Se7en by a longshot. Jigsaw ain't got nothing on John Doe.

Saw encapsulates everything great about Se7en... AND dumbs it down. An absolute hit and miss of the highest degree, a watered-down and gross film. I must admit that the two actors Leigh Whannel and Cary Elwes create tension in their roles.

I freakin' love both of them, but dude... the first "Saw" really made me breathless on the wrap-up. I understand the contrary opinions here: Se7en has a better cast,production values,and a brilliant premise,it really is a tough act to follow. That being said,when it comes to mindbender endings, even "Se7en" falls short on the first (and just the first) "Saw" movie. One of the biggest WTF moments i ever saw when it comes to the genre. And c'mon ! I love Kevin Spacey,but after both movies,do you really gonna remember John Doe over Jigsaw?

Both have a similar vibe going on, but Se7en is much better. I liked Saw; film snobs will easily write it off as a torture porn film with lots of gore, but it really isn't. It's much more of an intricate puzzle thriller than it is torture porn. And while it does have gore, it honestly doesn't have nearly as much as I was expecting. I was pleasantly surprised by it, even though the climax was stuff you'd find in YouTube Poops with the Benny Hill Show theme playing in the background. I mean, seriously, did it REALLY need to have that many sped-up scenes? That was just stupid, which is a big shame because I really liked everything else in it, including the twist ending, which I didn't see coming. Se7en on the other hand never turned into schlock like Saw did, and it's just a much better directed film besides that.

Both extremely graphic Se7en by far

Se7en by a light-year.

I'm taking Seven for sure but the first Saw is pretty great.