Se7en vs. Requiem for a Dream



This one is pretty tough!

This is a tough one, but not because I think that either are particularly brilliant. I find them both to be crowd-pleasers, but ultimately thin. I guess I'll go with Requiem, simply because it's more creative. Fincher uses the same bag of tricks in every film.

This is honestly one the hardest decisions I've had to make, Second only to Shawshank vs. The Godfather. Darren Aranovky's Requiem for a dream is likely his best picture with the possible contention of the Fountain. I Generally give it a 9-10/10. Se7en is possibly one of my favorite movies of all time, and unlike requiem I can watch it over and over again. In the end I think I'll have to give it to requiem, but it's a rediculously hard decision

I'm much more a Aronofsky fan than a Fincher fan. That's stupid, but that makes Requiem for a Dream win this one. Yet, Seven is quite good.

Se7en is devastatingly brilliant. Yet, it didn't make me feel like s#!t after I watched it. Man, I hate Requiem for a Dream.

I've seen Requiem once, and still can remember everything about the movie.


Without a moment's hesitation, Requiem For a Dream. Yes, it was tough to watch at times, but I feel like I got so much out of it. An unforgettable, truly great film. Btw, how in the world did Se7en not make you feel like s#!t after you watched it, Johnmason? I ask this with respect of course, as it is one of your all time favorite films. The film is so depressing from start to finish, imo. The constant pour of rain; the grisly murder scenes; the cinematography; the ending. It's a pretty damn gloomy movie.

Tough one, I chose Requiem because it's had a longer lasting impression on me both movies are brilliant though.

Really, Really tough...however, based on character development, Requiem for a Dream wins.....Based on story, Se7en wins slightly....but Requiem really leaves you with something to think about and hits you more personally; even if your not a drug addict.


requiem wins easily

Se7en wins pretty easy.Requiem was laughable at times.Of course,I'm not a huge Aronofsky fan.

requiem by a mile in my personal book but I can see how some people are picking se7en

Even though I love Aronofsky I would choose Se7en because it is a movie I can watch over and over. Requiem is a one time movie for me.

It's been some time since I've seen Se7en and only a short time since I've seen Requiem. I was disturbed by both but more so by the latter because it's more realistic. It hits home harder even if you aren't a drug addict.

If someone told me to pick out a movie that was guaranteed a reaction, I'd pick Requiem.

Don't do drugs, you guys.

Agree with Tory...drugs are bad...serial killers are okay though...

Se7en all the way. More prestige and the story is gripping.

Se7en by far. Requiem for a Dream was an interesting experience and very well shot and edited. However, I'd only watch it once. So Se7en all the way.

Se7en is outstanding.

Loved Se7en of course, but it can't touch Requiem.