Se7en vs. Seven Samurai



i seem to get this one multiple times. Do they just like pairing off movies with similar names?

Lucky number seven. Seven is one of my favorite thrillers but I think The Seven Samurai is one of the best movies ever made. Kurosawa is amazing.

Battle of the sevens indeed. Wow, what a couple we got here! I think I'll go with Seven though, Seven Samurai was great but lost me near the end, it was a tad bit to long to my liking.

I am going with Se7en here.

I love Seven, but Kurosawa's masterpiece takes this one.

I prefer my seven minus the samurai.

seven samurai>7


I love Seven, but Seven Samurai absolutely lived up to its claim as one of the greatest films of all time. I didn't mind the length at all. It's about as close to perfect as movies get.

Definitely Fincher's Se7en...