Independence Day: Resurgence vs. Independence Day



Resurgence is the filthiest, skankiest, most depraved and debauched bit of winky, self-aware nostalgia porn I've ever seen (I came several times). Every bit as dumb and hammy and poorly scripted as the original. This old man was pleased by the continued trading in cheesy charm. Best film of 2016, slaying admirable competition provided by Nice Guys, Deadpool and Love & Friendship. 20 fucking years. Fuck.

I loved Independence Day and looked forward to seeing what the sequel had to offer but I guess I was wrong because it has nothing.

That first Comment must be a drunk comment. Don't drink and Flickchart. The sequel is one of the worst movies I've seen. I found myself looking around the theater several times. Awful effort.

Listen to jaymoore, definitely the worst movie I saw this year. I'm just glad I didn't spend theater money to see it. I usually see movies as a "glass half full" and find some aspect to enjoy, but I couldn't find anything redeeming about this one. Ok, that's not necessarily true. I think if you paused some of the action scenes, there was some good imagery there. Even the teaser that played on the rented Blu-ray menu gave me anticipation. What followed was a story that I can be described as jaw-dropping bad. There were times I would ask my TV, "why would [he/she] do that?!?" Even some of the death scenes are laugh-out-loud funny, because the writers make little or no investment in these characters what so ever. I'm not sure what the original did to make it so special. Maybe I saw this at a younger age, so I'm looking at it with a measure of nostalgia. But I revisited the original Independence Day recently and I think it still holds up. Some of the characters seem as they're borrowed from a Michael Bay flick (painfully stereotypical), but some characters have charisma and charm, there are some genuinely well written scenes, and the musical score fits the movie perfectly. It serves as a good disaster movie and action movie and the dialog feels very natural. Not so much with Resurgence. The dialog was almost as funny as the death scenes ('funny' bad, not 'funny' good). I can only hope that one day, the 3rd generation of Mystery Science Theater 3K, Cinematic Titanic, or Rifftrax gets a shot at this one. So there's the rant. Independence Day was a good popcorn flick and should be remembered as one of the best 90's action movies. Resurgence should be ignored and forgotten (unless you riff it with friends).

Resurgence was a damn embarrassment. Incredibly bad....

I liked the second just because of the first, but from that statement alone, the first one is much better

The sequel is a bucket of sh*t. I hate it.


The sequal isn't the worst film in movie making history, like many are saying it is. But it definitely isn't as good as the original, not by a long shot.