Spaceballs vs. Return of the Jedi



As good as Spaceballs is it doesn't come close to even Jedi.

Return of the Jedi is part idiotic Three Stooges Muppet Show, part half-way decent attempt at capping off the trology. Spaceballs is pretty dumb, but it's consistent at being so and occasionally funny. I can't help but view Return of the Jedi as a foreshadowing of the fiasco that would be The Phantom Menace, while Spaceballs is just a silly and inoffensive parody.

I LOVE Spaceballs. Love it to the point I can take it out to dinner. But JEDI is JEDI. Nuff said.

When it comes to Ewoks and Jar Jar Binks, Spaceballs is alot better than Return of the Jedi and The Phantom Menace in my opinion.

Ohoho no. Not Spaceballs.

Spaceballs can suck piranha dick.

Let me go again. I just think I was too late to Spaceballs, it's very 80's. I unfortunately didn't laugh once. I'm a big John Candy fan though.

Spaceballs is the Worst movie I Have ever seen in my life. So the Star Wars Holiday Special is alot better than Spaceballs. In Addition, I Have to choose Return of the Jedi this time.

Vader over Dark Helmet....

I just rewatched Spaceballs, which wasn't that high on my list, but it is now about a hundred spots lower.

^ I don't get its appeal either. There's one (big) laugh in there for me, but the rest of the jokes are just lame.

How can you not vote for the mockery??

Like this.

Eh, Spaceballs ain't even that funny. Even if it were, it would still lose to the Ewoks.

Spaceballs is soo overrated

Jedi wins, but Spaceballs is one of the greatest absurd parodies ever made. Rick Moranis as Dark Helmet and John Candy as Barf are two of the more underrated comedic performances in the Mel Brooks Filmography. Also a RIP to Joan Rivers, the hilarious comedian who voiced Dot Matrix.

Spaceballs don't have Ewoks, but come on...

Return of the Jedi!

Argh, Spaceballs wins here.

Spacebaaaaallls!!!! Because it has the most genius 4th-wall break in cinema history and also it's an awesome movie.

Notice how the spaceballs lovers have a lot nicer comments than the jedi fans. I like the original too but geez, give comedy some slack. Pizza-The-Hut Out`\~~~......