Bandidas vs. Viva Maria!



Somebody needed to tackle this important matchup, so I'm stepping up to the plate. What we got here are two movies starring two of the hottest actresses from their respective eras. And there's also shooting involved. Watching Viva Maria!, I can't help but think that it's not much less silly than people these days might accuse Bandidas of being. In fact, it's probably sillier. I mean, there's a grenade dropping bird and a priest who gets his head blown off... and he carries it around! Bandidas doesn't go quite that far. It's still seems like a possible reality. Anyway...damn. Jeanne Moreau AND Brigitte Bardot in the same movie is too good to be true. For about the first hour, they sing and dance and get to be all around charming. Then the revolution plot kicks in and things get goofy. Sure, I liked seeing Bardot firing a machine gun. Who wouldn't? But the last hour just isn't very funny. Bandidas kind of suffers from a weaker last portion, too, but not to the same extent. I guess if I had to make the call, Bardot and Moreau are a better Dream Team than Cruz and Hayek. But Bandidas is the more entertaining movie.