Thunderball vs. On Her Majesty's Secret Service



Two of my favorite Bond films right here. Connery gets the win.

I'm going with OHMSS

It seemed to me in OHMSS, they literally cut off James Bond's balls. Even the girls in the movie think he's gay. It was such a terrible movie. Thunderbolt outclasses it on every level.


On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

I haven't even watched Thunderball yet but LMAO at the comment about Bond having his balls cut off in OHMSS. He's literally in disguise, playing a role, when he gets Mistaken as Gay. Hypersensitive much?

OHMSS easily. Thunderball was just too confusing and it drags at times. Meanwhile, while it's not great from start to finish, it just gets better and better. It's entertaining, heartbreaking and pretty fun to watch. It's kinda long, but I really don't mind.

secret service easily