Thunderball vs. You Only Live Twice



After "Goldfinger" introduced the tricked-out Aston Martin DB5, these two consecutive Bond movies were crafted more as commercial extravaganzas than as films. Roald Dahl's screen version of "You Only Live Twice" entirely jettisoned Ian Fleming's original novel, cementing the departure of Cinematic Bond from his literary roots. As a film, "Twice" has more flaws and requires more willful suspension of disbelief...and yet perhaps it's because it is so outrageous that it is the more interesting of the two. (Besides, how can you not vote for the film that features Ken Adam's iconic hollowed-out volcano set?)

never could stand Thunderball...

Bondathon continues...: Thunderball vs You Only Live Twice. Hmm...where to start with this one. I agree with minlshaw that You Only Live Twice is a very flawed movie, yet it is more entertaining than Thunderball. Sean Connery in YOLT though...damn. Just damn. He looks bored as all hell. I'm not even sure if he's TRYING. His line deliveries are so poor and unenergetic, no wonder he said he wanted to quit with James Bond before they started filming YOLT. I've complained about the main actors in Return of the Jedi looking bored, but they're tolerable in comparison to Connery. Wow. Anyway. YOLT also has the superior villain: Donald Pleasence as Blofeld is awesome. YOLT is without a doubt more flawed, but it is so much more memorable than Thunderball: the giant volcano set, the 'rocket-eating' satellite, the villain, the helicopter fight, Japanese Bond, the silly traps. It's just more fun.

Two greats from Connery, but Thunderball is my favorite.

going with You only Live Twice.

Thunderball is my choice

I'm going with Thunderball

Thunderball might not be as flawed, but it's rather confusing and boring. Tbh, it's horrible, but I still enjoyed parts of it, aspects of it. Still YOLT is just so damn cool...Connery isn't as good as, I'd say, in Goldfinger, but Donald Pleasence kills it. He steals the show. It's far from being as good as Goldfinger, but it's still a league above Thunderball. Btw, I do like Nancy Sinatra's song, but Tom Jones' was by far one of the better Bond themes.