Skyscraper vs. Rampage



on 7/13/2018

So very very dumb.Skyscraper is so brainless and so over-the-top and could be the most predictable movie in the history of cinema. There’s not one single plot moment or line of dialogue that isn’t paid off or repeated somewhere later in the movie…it’s like the movie was intentionally written for actual viewers with mental handicaps. Yet, not as BAD as Rampage.

on 7/19/2018

Rampage gets the edge for more self-awareness and mayhem.

on 7/19/2018

Two of the absolute worst movies of 2018. Sorry, Dwayne.

on 10/22/2018

I enjoyed Rampage had giant monster animals, so it had that going for it.


on 3/14/2019

Rampage is more fun and less of a dud.