The Orphanage vs. Trick 'r Treat



Sack fashion.


Lol. Definitely. However, the sack is one of the few things I liked in Trick 'r Treat. The Orphanage had more going for it -- and the sack was cooler.

Trick 'r Treat....a bit more fun. Taking nothing away from The Orphanage, which was great, just prefer the goodtimes that Trick 'r Treat provides....

The Orphanage was the better movie overall but I love horror anthology movies.

Sack fashion indeed. I guess that was cool back in '07. I have to go with Trick 'r Treat. Unlike most people, I didn't find the Orphanage special or anything. It isn't bad, but it also isn't the horror masterpiece some people claim it to be. It's just kind of forgetable. Trick 'r Treat on the other hand is really, really good. The segments are so damn well tied together, the writing is excellent.

The orphanage is a million times better