RoboCop vs. RoboCop 2



Ah, I love Robocop, both of them.

I have to admit, it's been much longer since I've seen RoboCop 2, but this seems like no contest.

RoboCop 2 really isn't that bad. In fact, it's actually pretty good. It isn't as bloody or entertaining as the first one, the villain is not that great, it's slower and it's lacking the iconic theme of the first one, but it's still a very satisfying sequel in my opinion. It's still social-commentary-ish, graphic, dark and witty like the original RoboCop, just not as much. There is stuff that is better than in the original though: the special effects, the direction and some of the acting. Having the guy who directed The Empire Strikes Back, Irvin Kershner, behind the camera certainly does help. And Verhoeven's films aren't exactly examples of films with great acting in them. RoboCop and particularly Starship Troopers lack in the acting department. Ofcourse there's nothing near Oscar-worthy performances in RoboCop 2, but I did get the feeling that the acting was better than in the original. Overall, RoboCop 2 is a pretty entertaining sequel that shouldn't get overlooked by fans of the original.

I saw Robocop 2 on Showtime in a motel room when I 14 - I had a different response to the violence than I did when I saw the first Robocop when I was 11. Had watching Lethal Weapon and Die Hard in the time in-between desensitized me that quickly? Had my brain matured that much in three years? Partly my brain, yes, but the difference in tone made all the difference to me. Robocop 2 was released during 1990's "summer of popcorn violence" with Total Recall, Die Hard 2, and Robocop 2 ratcheting the body count in popular films to an unprecedented level. Die Hard 2 I hated, and I had the same reaction to Total Recall that I did to Robocop. I don't like black humour, or violent satire, whichever you want to say Verhoeven engages in. Kershner's humour was not black. I haven't seen Robocop 2 in a long while, though I started to watch it again a few weeks ago, and got interrupted. I never thought R2 was the turkey everyone made it out to be.

RC2 had too many things wrong with it. The pacing is atrocious with plot elements getting introduced and dropped with poor resolution, particularly the "your husband is dead" portion, which was "resolved" less than 20 minutes in. The final shootout was disappointing and poorly directed due to the fact that it just showed Robocop standing at the side for 10 minutes while Cain shot up the city. The Kid drug dealer subplot went nowhere and the Mayor one came out of nowhere and just deflated. The humor fell very flat, with the whole "wholesome" Robocop coming off as painful in its execution. Overall, better than part 3, but still a very poor film all around.

^Well, they left a plothole in the first RoboCop. You never see RoboCop return to his family in the first movie, but he tries to in the second. I liked that in the second, since it was an issue I had with the first one, although they don't give it a resolution here either, which makes me wonder if the series had one in the third movie (I won't see it, it is universally hated apparently, whereas RoboCop 2 got mixed reviews). I don't think the other subplots came out of nowhere, they all start pretty early on in the movie (except the "bad behaviour-bad feelings"-subplot, which was kind of pointless, but I thought it was pretty funny), but it's true that most of them have not so great resolutions. Not bad, but they could've been better. I'm with Consp77 on this one; RoboCop 2 is not nearly as bad as people make it out to be.

RC2 is fun and entertaining but Robocop had a lot more elaments plus it was a bloody mess and funny as well love the first one way more.

RoboCop=one of the very best, top 50 films. RoboCop 2=the worst film released yet.