GoodFellas vs. The Departed



Goodfellas should have won the Oscar, and the Departed won it for Scorsese 16 years later. I like the Departed, but Goodfellas is one of the best movie in the last 25 years.

I always felt that The Departed was GoodFellas Lite. Still a terrific movie, though.

This is really really close but I've got to go with Nicholson, Damon, and DiCaprio over DeNiro, Pesci and Liotta.

The Departed is totally limp compared to the full-throttle pizzazz of Goodfellas. Just about every scene in GoodFellas is loaded with vigor and style, while The Departed is mostly commonplace and uninspired. I can't think of one moment in The Departed that even comes close to matching the energy and enthusiasm of GoodFellas, or any that even come close to being as memorable. The Departed (or Dances With Wolves) winning the Academy Award instead of GoodFellas is proof that the voters are retards.

NOTE: I should explain that people who like Dances With Wolves or The Departed more than GoodFellas are not retards. Everyone has their own reasons for liking movies. However, Academy Awards voters are given the task of choosing the best movie based on supposedly objective artistic standards, and they often fail to perform their duties with honesty and integrity. In fact, their questionable track record when choosing the most deserving films has been pointed out time and time again. Academy Voters screw up so often that they even have developed predictable patterns of screwing up that can be applied with reasonable accuracy year after year.

The Departed is the only Scorsese movie I've seen (so far) that I genuinely like. (The Aviator's not bad.) And I really like it. GoodFellas? I didn't care for it at all. I can't really explain it. I found the movie to be too long and too slow for my liking. And it's the most critically-acclaimed movie starring Robert De Niro in which I was somewhat underwhelmed by his performance. I dunno; to me, The Departed is a blast, and I just don't get the love for GoodFellas. (Oh, Joe Pesci is fantastic in GoodFellas, though; totally deserved that Oscar.)


Goodfellas was such a powerful film. The Departed had less of a dramatic impact and loses this round.

Ray Liotta could nevr hope to be the lead that is Leonardo DiCaprio. All hail King Leo!! But always remember that the rat indeed symbolizes obviousness.

I felt like people kept building me up for The Departed and although The Departed was a great movie, it doesn't quite top GoodFellas for me.

GoodFellas no doubt.

Man...another brutal match up. Love 'em both, but I'll go with the upset here. Departed it is...

Pesci alone tops The Departed. Although The Departed is still a great movie.

Both very well done films, but I have to go with departed here.

Scorcese showdown. The Departed is awesome,but can't really beat GoodFellas charm.

Two great Scorsese films. I love them both, but I just can't help liking the story and cast of The Departed better.

Goodfellas here. Theres no getting past the big Scorsese three, and Departed finishes in fourth place.

The Departed was good but it's just not in the same league as Goodfellas.Goodfellas is one of the few films which I consider perfect.The acting,the dialogue,the direction,the story everything is brilliant.

Going with the GoodFellas. Departed is such a damn good entertaining film though.

Goodfellas by far. The Departed wasn't bad, but Goodfellas is a masterpiece.

The Departed wins it for me.

Thrilled to see so much support for Team Departed. Yeah, it's the better flick.

Departed isn't even on par with Goodfellas. The awesome trio of Joe Pesci, Ray Liotta and Robert De Niro take it out.

The Departed is my favorite Scorsese film.

Both are great, but for me, Goodfellas is another level to The Departed.

The Departed= My favorite Scorsese film

The Departed is a modern classic remembered for generations to come. It features some of the most iconic actors of our age, one of the most iconic director of all time, and a fantastic script. I can somewhat appreciate Goodfellas from a certain standpoint, but I can't connect with it the way I can with the Departed.

I think GoodFellas may just edge it. The Departed is just so grim! Both obviously incredible though.

Two amazing crime films. New classic VS Old classic. I'll take Goodfellas.

Both are really great Scorsese films from different periods about a gang, but GoodFellas was definitely better.

Goodfellas is a better movie and Crime movie. However, departed has better performances

Goodfellas is an absolute classic as we all know but for me it does not beat The Departed which is my favorite Scorsese film going with The Departed ;)

Goodfellas. The Departed is good but is a tad overrated.

The departed wins a very very very close match.Both are in my top 20. Oh and i can change my decision any day

When I was your age they said we could pick Goodfellas, or The Departed. Today, what I'm saying to you is this: when you're facing a loaded gun, what's the difference?

The Departed has more likable characters and a well-constructed original story. Departed is also far more entertaining imo, so it wins easy here. Never saw all the hype behind GoodFellas, is it Pesci?.

The departed right now, next week goodfellas.Really whatever my mood is like .TWO AWSOME MOVIES WITH MULTIPLE STRONG CHARACTERS PLAYED BY MULTIPLE ELITE ACTORS AND ACTRESSES. Deniro, Liotta, Pesci Bracco Sorvino Jackson vs Nicholson, Dicaprio Sheen ,Damon Wahlberg,Farmiga

The departed right now, next week goodfellas.Really whatever my mood is like .TWO AWSOME MOVIES WITH MULTIPLE STRONG CHARACTERS PLAYED BY MULTIPLE ELITE ACTORS AND ACTRESSES. Deniro, Liotta, Pesci Bracco Sorvino Jackson vs Nicholson, Dicaprio Sheen ,Damon Wahlberg,Farmiga

GoodFellas is better in every way

Yes, GoodFellas IS better in every way. Hated Departed, loved Goodfellas. Period.

I never got why Goodfellas is so adored. I liked it a lot, but The Departed blew me away. Just an electric film, totally perfect in every way.

Two great Scorsese movies! I was honestly more engaged in The Departed!

departed. a cast unlike any other, pulp fiction is the only other one of the top of my head.

Fuck it, I go with The Departed.

it's very hard to choose, but i enjoyed more The Departed than Goodfellas

The Departed handily.