GoodFellas vs. Fight Club



ARGH! Two of the best films of the 1990s. So hard to choose. But, tactically, if I choose Fight Club, Fight Club will go into my top 20...

Two very different movies. Hard to choose. I have to go with Fight Club.

This isn't even close for me. I may be the only person in the world who didn't like GoodFellas, but while there were things about the movie that were good, as a whole it just didn't hook me. It was too long, and I actually had issues with Robert De Niro's performance. (De Niro! You've got to be kidding!) Meanwhile, Fight Club is frikkin' genius. It's not Top 20 material, but it's easily within my Top 40.

I was dreading this one. I absolutely love both of these movies, but FC is more personally resonant. I've got to go with it.

Fight Club is great and all, but Goodfellas is iconic.

I'm going with the crowd and choosing Fight Club.

Scorsese > Fincher. Not even close.

Fight Club is a good movie, but GoodFellas is unquestionably great. These movies have some overlapping themes, but the difference is that one is aimed at teenagers and the other is the work of a mature artist. Fincher has a ways to go, yet.

Goodfellas. Fight Club can't compare.

The difference for me is that I saw Fight Club as a teenager so it appealed to me a lot. On the other hand GoodFellas is great. I am Jack's inability to make a decision ehhh I'll give it to Fight Club

Protozoid: Total agreement here. Fight Club felt like all style and no substance to me; GoodFellas backs its wondrous style with more substance than just about any movie out there.

combo De Niro + Pesci > all

I'm with Johnmason on this one. Never could get into Goodfellas. Tried multiple times. Just overlong and ultimately forgettable. Pesci has moments, but FC is littered with them. It's cool, dark, and fun.

Goodfellas is just too damn good....

The first rule of GoodFellas is: never rat on your friends. The second rule of GoodFellas is: always keep your mouth shut.

I'm not supposed to talk about it.

Fight Club just can't lose in my book,although both movies are in my top 5.

Fight Club is unique in every way.Plus,I love the Pitt+Fincher combo.

I love both but there can only be one. TYLER DURDEN!

Goodfellas on this one.

Fight Club for now.

Goodfellas for sure.

Fight Club for sure. Brad Pitt is just an amazing actor when it comes to these roles.

GoodFellas and Fight Club were two movies got me into watching and loving all film. Both are excellent and Fight Club is an excellent social critique, but GoodFellas is everything a good movie should be: Funny, dark, scary, happy, vivacious, and full of that Scorsese glory. The strongest point of both movies is the characters which push the boundaries of realism. Tyler Durden pushes the boundaries of humanity, but GoodFellas brings us the gift of real people. The violence of both adds to the intricate styles and both make me shiver. In the end, however, GoodFellas will always hold my heart with that glorious ending, "What the hell are you looking at?" face.

As easy as they come.Goodfellas.

Goodfellas has more memorable scenes that stay with you for years, especially the ones with Joe Pesci. Also. Goodfellas doesn't go off the rails in the 3rd act and become completely nonsensical; while the Loss of Pesci's character is noticeable, it doesn't have anything as silly as Tyler dragging himself upstairs.

Definately Goodfellas.

Both are great, but Fight Club is better.

I'm switching over to Goodfellas.

This. Is. It. The. Big. One.

Two STRONG contenders for my favorite movie. After thinking hard about it, I'll have to go with Fight Club.

Two great 90's movies. But no other 90's film can touch Scorsese's two masterpieces (imo).

A BIG one. I choose Fight Club. Two of the best films ever made from two of the best filmmakers ever.

Goodfellas is a natural instinct in terms of this matchup but barely

Fight Club, but I'm not on the Fincher band wagon, I wouldn't call him elite.

Two legendary movies. Goodfellas slightly edges it, but I could change my mind.

Really not difficult at all guys. Goodfellas with a relatively easy win.

Scorcese is a boss.

Goodfellas but now I love Fight Club, thank god for that!

Fight Club, definitely.

Goodfellas is 11 on Flickchart and Fight Club is 12. I myself prefer Fight Club.

Two of the greatest films of the 90's by two great directors. GoodFellas wins by a small margin, both are right next to each other on my list, like they are on Flickchart's.

I love "Fight Club" and the film is very great on its own but in comparison to "Goodfellas" it appears as a clever gimmick with heavy handed messages and no authentic characters or relationships. "Goodfellas" is the superior film in basically every way and it's also my most rewatchable film of all time. But hey, I'm from New York.

Goodfellas takes the win by a hair


GoodFellas, an easy decision.

GoodFellas is my pick as it is number 3 as my favorite of the 90's. Fight Club isn't quite up there so I'll go with GoodFellas.

I'm going Fight Club. Goodfellas is the best movie of its genre, wonderful,

Fight Club wins.

Fight Club's irritating philosophizing versus Goodfellas' unoriginality and long-windedness? It's Fight Club by a hair.

Fight Club's style is my taste and it is an all-round better film. Goodfellas is an amazing biopic though.

Love fight club but it's goodfellas we are talking about.Fellas is a bit more entertaining and mindblowing

...I'm gonna go get the papers. Get the papers.

Goodfellas is great, but Fight Club, is amazing and brillant! and my preference is for Fight Club.


Hardest choice ever but Fight Club by a hair.

Goodfellas is more directly good decent way than Fight Club , overall Fight Club is good but a kind of overrated on it'a point..

You think I'm funny? Well yes, this match up is so one sided that it's funny

GoodFellas in a major stomp.

Goodfellas wins miles and miles anytime here.

Two phenomenal movies. But I have to go with Goodfellas. It had a lot more substance