GoodFellas vs. Alien



I can't believe no one has commented on this matter yet. Well, I'm going with Alien because of its haunting atmosphere.

I think both of them are overrated, but i'll go Alien

Agree fully with ifyousmell.

Yeah, I need to take a stand. GoodFellas is a way more substantial cinematic experience. I like Aliens, but it's pretty much just a haunted house flick with an exceptionally designed monster. That's the biggest selling point. That and Sigourney Weaver in her underwear. GoodFellas isn't perfect (too much narration) and I'm kind of tired of Joe Pesci. Otherwise, I think it conveys a love of filmmaking beyond anything in Alien.

Alien, not Aliens. But GoodFellas beats that, too.

Can't believe someone said both Goodfellas and Alien are overrated. To make matters worse, someone actually agreed. What is this world coming to??? Anyway, both of these are two of my favorites. But I'm going with Alien. And I've gotta admit that nostalgia plays a part in this decision being that they are both great movies but really apples and oranges in terms of genre, plot, and just about everything else. Put it this way: If I'm home on the weekend with no plans but to watch a movie... just one movie.... I'd probably choose to watch Alien over Goodfellas.

I'd go with Goodfellas. Think of a boring movie. The most boring movie you can think of, pick that one. Goodfellas is on the opposite end of the spectrum, perfectly correlated. It is one of the single most not-boring movies I've ever seen. There's no "downtime" - Scorsese refuses to let you get bored. The thing just keeps moving. I love it.

I totally made the matter worse, didn't I?

They're both overrated, except for GoodFellas. That movie rules.

GoodFellas dominates this matchup. I never really liked Alien or that whole series of movies.

I'll go with Alien. It's a tough call...but I find it very rewatchable...

Goodfellas wins by a small margin.

Goodfellas wins by a big margin. Alien isn't very well paced, doesn't have any re-watch value and its characters are so wooden and one-dimensional that it just doesn't work for me anymore.

Goodfellas but if it was Aliens, then Aliens. Alien is kinda overrated but I still enjoy it quite a bit.

Goodfellas is way better.

This is hard. I'm the guy who prefers Alien to Aliens, if only because they are both the perfection of their genre and I prefer horror. Then comes Goodfellas, one of the best gangster films of all time from my second favorite director. The impossible choice. I ultimately have to go Alien. My love of the horror genre is probably the only deciding factor as I really love both films.

I'm also the guy who prefers Alien to Aliens, and it whacks Goodfellas.

So, wait, GoodFellas is a sequel to a film called GoodFella?!

Alien by a lot!

Goodfellas for sure.I really love alien too though

Both have pretty unoriginal and formulaic stories (rise and fall character study, slasher monster movie) but with unique styles which make them enjoyable. Alien has more likeable characters, but GoodFellas has much more story and its style keeps me more entertained (and awake) than the tedious Alien.

Both overrated, but horror > gangster films.

Goodfellas, even though Alien is good too...