GoodFellas vs. The Wolf of Wall Street



Eh, The Wolf of Wall Street is basically just a white collar version of GoodFellas (with a dash of Casino thrown in). Not that it's a bad movie or anything (it's actually quite good), but it definitely feels like Martin Scorsese already made this movie before.

I'm on the other side- I loved Wolf of Wall Street. Although it can't compete with Scorsese's older masterpieces just yet.

I actually like Wolf of Wall Street a lot more then Goodfellas.

i was a little more interested with the story of Wolf of wall street. I Saw it this afternoon, and it was sold out the next show. but saw a 12:05 show,it was packed, The nudity though was almost Porno......Graphic.

2 shows after mine were sold out. the line when i walked out was so big and long.

Big and long, eh? ;) ;)

It can be really hard to get tickets when the lines are big and long. Really hard.

Goodfellas by a long way. The Wolf seems to too self-consciously try to mimic the Goodfellas formula.

I'd take Goodfellas in a heartbeat.

Never thought I'd say this but I actually slightly prefer Wolf Of Wall Street

Wolf of Wall Street had a great story line and great acting that kept me hooked and entertained through the entire 3 hours of the movie, it delivers even though there was tons of sex, Goodfellas is just too epic to lose this however

I hated Wolf of Wall Street. They rushed it out for awards season. It's all about excess. Excessive running time. Excessive gratuitous scenes. Excessive bits of dialogue.

I consider Wolf of Wall Street to be the next GoodFellas. I'm choosing GoodFellas, though.

Scorsese best vs. Scorcese worst. There. I Said it.

GoodFellas, duuh.

The Wolf of Wall Street is one of the best movies I've ever seen in the cinemas. The pure ENTERTAINMENT is just a feast for the eyes, both movies are riveting. I'm still going to side with Goodfellas, because it has a stronger story and is just overall a better film.

I actually prefer The Wolf of Wall Street primarily because I feel like the theme of corporate greed is more relatable nowadays than the mafia (though I still love GoodFellas). I find it humorous that The Wolf of Wall Street is being considered Scorsese's most graphic film just because of its sex scenes. I personally find it much harder to watch the scenes of violence from his earlier films.

Love The Wolf of Wall Street, but Goodfellas is on a whole different level. It's just a classic .

Yeah, it's the 'Fellas, fellas.

Wolf of Wall Street was awesome, but it's not Goodfellas yet...

I'll echo Caesar and a couple of others here in saying that Wolf was just Goodfellas with stockbrokers. Aside from the fact that Wolf on Wall Street was at least 30-45 minutes too long, and the places where it could have been trimmed down were pretty obvious, I can't really think of any tangible reasons why I prefer Goodfellas, except to say that while I enjoyed the writing, story and characters in Goodfellas, and seeing how they played off each other, I never particularly made that connection with Wolf. I suppose it's because Ray Liotta's character started off at the bottom of the barrel and worked his way into the mafia out of desperation and necessity, whereas Jordan Belfort never had that excuse, hence there is at least an entry point of sympathy in Goodfellas. In short, I just liked Goodfellas much more than Wolf on Wall Street.

I don't know. I'll agree that GoodFellas is probably the (much) better film, but I just found the story of The Wolf of Wall Street much more fascinating and much more entertaining as a result. I dunno, I really have to rewatch GoodFellas and I'll most likely change my thoughts on this, but for now, I'm going TWoWW.

Goodfellas. It is simply the real deal...

The Wolf of Wall Street is a brilliant film. I've gotta go with Goodfellas because it has that classic feel to it (that's not the only reason I like it better). I will say this though: Ray Liotta has nothing on Leonardo DiCaprio.

The Wolf of Wall Street was wildly entertaining and great, but its definitely not GoodFellas' level. Although I agree that Leonardo DiCaprio easily outclasses Ray Liotta.

Goodfellas is great cinematically and as entertainment. With The Wolf of Wall street I have mixed feelings. It was certainly entertaining but bit too long, the drama was bit soap opery and it didn't have a lot of cinematic aspects but it had a great performance by DiCaprio which was almost as good if not as good performance that Ray Liotta had in Goodfellas. But the matchup definetily goes to Goodfellas which is a lot superior film

Two awesome films from my favourite director. The Wolf of Wall Street did feel like an entry to Scorsese's unofficial trilogy of sorts, following Goodfellas and Casino. That said it wasn't a rip off of those films by any means. The three of them share many similarities such as their brilliant pacing and energetic stories. The glamour. The fact that they're all introspective examinations of the lives of morally corrupt characters. One thing Scorsese does with great reverence is being able to present the violence and greed and all these horrible acts at face value without being intrusive with his own bias, allowing you to form your own opinions. The Wolf of Wall Street introduced a much appreciated comedic aspect, Jonah Hill did a great job. The three of them are great films in their own right, Goodfellas however is my favourite film ever. I could watch it on an endless loop.

So close, both are fucking awesome. I'll give the slight edge to GoodFellas.


Both are my favorite Scorsese movies. I'd have to go with The Wolf of Wall Street.

wolf no contest


Goodfellas is Scorsese at his best

Goodfellas is one of the 50 greatest films I have ever seen. Wolf of Wall Street is one of the 1250 greatest films I have ever seen. I love DiCaprio in nearly every film he has been in, but this movie doesn't hold a candle to Goodfellas.

For a Martin Scorsese film I want violence and language. Goodfellas is my pick. The Wolf of Wall Street is Language and Sex which is not my Martin Scorsese film but a good film.

Goodfellas no contest.I like Wolf but goodfellas is in my opinion scorsese 's masterpiece

Goodfellas no contest.I like Wolf but goodfellas is in my opinion scorsese 's masterpiece


I'm going to flip my vote here, even though everything I said about The Wolf of Wall Street previously is still pretty accurate. I've grown to love the twisted humor of the movie. It's pure demented awesomeness.

Scorsese's direction and DiCaprio's acting in Wolf seal the contest in favor of GoodFellas.

wolf of wall street was one of the worst scorsese's movies and goodfellas is the best scorsese movie

Goodfellas by a mile. Wolf of Wall Street is too long. I feel like all the nudity is unnecessary and the way the women are treated is shameful.

Wolf of Wall Street was such a fun ride for its first two hours, but in my opinion, it dragged, albeit slightly, for me in a few spots at the final hour. However, Goodfellas had no pacing issues for me and was a 2.5 hour experience that really felt more like 1-1.5, and it currently remains one of my top favorites.

Goodfellas wins here, though Wolf of Wall Street is a modern classic

WoWS is a fantastic movie that ends up being quite complex along with the record-breaking amount of F-words, sex, drugs, and money. The has some pretty dark and complex themes that are very interesting to think about. But even this doesn't put the film on the same tier as Goodfellas, unfortunately.

both are good but the wolf of wall street is a bit similar to Goodfellas mainly in the ending so goodfellas