GoodFellas vs. Dances with Wolves



I think we all know which one actually deserved to win best picture.

"As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster." -- Dances with Wolves just doesn't have the epic lines that GoodFellas has.

Goodfellas is probably the better movie. I still prefer Dances With Wolves.

are u mentally handicapped niko if so i can forgive u but this was the greatest atrocity in the oscar awards dances with wolfs is a nice movie but its not memorable and its not something u want to watch again and again its either this mistake or saving privet ryan loosing to Shakespeare in love that will go down as the biggest mistakes in oscat history but me i choose goodfellas loosing to dances with wolfs as as the bigger mistake

Dances With Wolves is great but come on this is GoodFellas where talking about it wins this.

So the Academy believe Dances With Wolves is a better movie than Goodfellas? They must have been smoking crack the day they made that decision. It's a no brainer isn't it? You haven't even gotta think about it. It's one of the greatest injustices I have come across in my life.

Ok, THIS is the worst decision the Academy ever made. Dances With Wolves is a good movie, but come on! It's GoodFellas!

Goodfellas wins.

Wow. Just wow. Upon seeing Goodfellas recently, I really liked it. However, it does not compare to Dances with Wolves, which is in my top 5. The acting and directing in Goodfellas is great, but it was a hair too brutal for my taste. Dances with Wolves is beautiful and has a more engaging plot. Goodfellas is yet another gangster movie. Dances with Wolves is better IMO. Also, I hope "happyhank" knows that calling someone mentally handicapped is rediculous. Why do people do that?

I love both movies both masterpieces but dances with wolves might be my favourite movie of all time and I think it is so underrated. How is it 1030 on this website thats crazy