GoodFellas vs. The Godfather



Aww man! Why do they make this so hard?

To be or not to be...

It has to be the Godfather.

While "The Godfather" is great, let's face it... it's a fantasy film. "GoodFellas" is about real mobsters, and Scorsese is arguably a more talented filmmaker who cared a lot more about his material.

Its pretty tough, but I just can't see the Godfather losing this one. Its #2 on my list, and Goodfellas usually hovers around 10. Love them both


No way Goodfellas wins. The Godfather was way better. Goodfellas was good, but can't really compare to The Godfather.

Good Christ. Now, I love me some GoodFellas, but there's no question here in my mind. Godfather all the way.

Goodfellas without question. Scorse's masterpiece works on more than one leve. Sure it is a mobster movie, but its also a scathing commentary on group psychology, commenting on how people behave within the group, as well as showing what it takes to advance. While Godfather is certainly a well made movie, it is far too fantastical for my tastes.

Goodfellas started out well and had its moments, but it dragged in the second half. The Godfather was great throughout.

Godfather is far superior to goodfellas to me. I think goodfellas has a couple good moments but is mostly just ray liotta's dull ass voiceover. I was never emotionally invested in goodfellas but i was riveted by al pacino and marlon brando in godfather.

Very tough. I do believe there is an epic quality to The Godfather that is missing in Good Fellas. But in the end GoodFellas is so rewatchable. All the great film geek moments like the long walk through the kitchen and the freeze frame transitions just fire me up with every viewing. The performances are so great that we really feel we're watching characters that could be our neighbours. That familiarity coupled with the time and place these characters inhabit which is closer to the average film watcher which creates an intimacy that the more austere and grand Coppola film doesn't have.

Good God, out come the Godfather apologists again. Goodfellas, hands down. Not only is it far more believable, it keeps your interest throughout. Why in the hell did The Godfather feel the need have Pacino travel to Italy, get married, and then undo it all by knocking her off? This whole sequence was pointless; it's not bad, but it's wasteful filmmaking, something that Goodfellas most assuredly is NOT. Every scene in Scorcese's masterpiece is gripping, and the story arc is far more nuanced and powerful. I'm pretty sure the only reason people like the Godfather better is that it makes its gangsters look cool; in the end, they all kind of want to be Al Pacino, and they want to die as Brando. Meanwhile, Goodfellas presents the reality - that most of these guys were arrogant, violent, short-sighted and some even psychotic, and ultimately, willing to sell their friends out to save their skin. No one wants to be Ray Liotta, in his boxers at the end of the film, but that's far more closer to reality than macho fever dream of The Godfather.

A tough one both are some of my favorite films i would have to go with Goodfellas

Yet another of these decisions I've always feared to once being confronted with... But for me it's Goodfellas.

The Godfather is epic. I get it and I love the film for it but what makes Goodfellas great is that it romanticizes the lifestyle as well as deromanticizes it. Henry starts off believing he can have that "Godfather Lifestyle" but realizes its impossible to achieve forever. How can anyone say the film drags on in the last half when the whole "helicopter sequence" is one of the most brilliantly made pieces of film?

Sure, The Godfather is a "better" movie, but I really prefer watching GoodFellas.


Marlon Brando tips the scale to The Godfather.

Oh the over-analysis. Dyslexic duderinos reading into shit that isn't there.

Oooh, new(ish) school vs. old school. Marlon is overrated.

I fell asleep during The Godfather so i did not think it was that good. It started out slow and it picked up in the end. But Goodfellas I thought was a better mafia movie.

What a great matchup. Personally, I think The Godfather is a bit overrated, but I respect its place in film history. I have to go with Goodfellas. I can watch it anytime, and it never gets old.

It has to be The Godfather. Goodfellas is filled with genius, but it's also sloppy and disjointed. Everything about The Godfather--the story, the script, the cinematography, the performances, the music--it's all damn near flawless.

Both really good movies. I'd probably have to go with the Godfather though. Some say its over rated, and while it may not be the greatest movie ever made I do believe that it deserves all the credit and praise it gets.

Whoever says The Godfather is overrated has no grounding in film. Both fantastic movies and the sequel was the better, but come on this made movies great, Doc Brown spells it out

I personally think that Goodfellas? is much better than The Godfather. The Godfather is one of the most overrated movies of all time.

My two favorite mob films and two of my top favorites of all time anyway. One regenerated a genre, and the other refined it. Both are amazing films in every respect. If someone stopped me on the street and asked, "What's the best mob movie ever?" I think the answer would have to be The Godfather.

I always felt that if a film is too analyzed (or one of the most criticized), then it means that it stands the test of time. If it also influences generations of film makers to emulate, then this is form of flattery. Overall, The Godfather is a classic that deals with family, loyalty, relationships and love. The more you watch the film, the more you enjoy its intricacies and brilliant plot. The novel based film is elegant in terms of cinematography, brilliant screenplay, a memorable musical score, very talented legends, solid supporting casts and stylish wardrobe/set pieces.

goodfellas has de niro and joe pesci the best duo in the worldddddd

the godfather is THEE MOVIE when it comes to the mob movies.about the sicilian/italian american mafia it is a classic amazing story and part 2 is even better the back story of how they came to be and how they rose in of the best stories ever told.truly hard to beat this movie!

had to add a few things cuz this is a ultimate matchup in movies and i really struggled with it i go back and forth with this one.goodfellas is a more modern take on the mob and has a raw grittier feel much more relatable to the streets real street gangsters.much more closer to reality and guys ive grew up around in the streets these guys jus dress takes you on a ride and doesnt let go & keeps your attention.raw story telling to the fullest.goodfellas is more rewatchable you really have to be in the mood to watch the godfather cuz its long and the story is slower and more involved.its a more classical story the younger audiences tend to not appreciate.i wouldnt say that godfather is more of a fantasy its just told from a different level in the mob and earlier in the mobs history.goodfellas is a more street level mob story focusing more on the 70s mob.

Ohhhh the big one. I think there is only an inch in this one and it goes to The Godfather!

The Godfather deals with the morality of the upper mobsters and the decisions they have to make, but GoodFellas pulls you down to the people actually doing the dirty work. People that you can see and connect with, laugh with, cry with, and be terrified with. GoodFellas affected me in a way few movies ever have and that's why it gets my vote.

As good as Goodfellas is I have to "leave the gun and take the canoli's"

My #1 and 2 of all time, I've seen them at least 8 times. I'm still not sure which is my true favorite but for now it is The Godfather because of Brando and in my (probably wrong) opinion, The Godather was the beginning of mafia epics and therefore influenced Scorcese to make Goodfellas like he did.

The Godfather draws us into what it was like to begin in America, and what the gangsters did to reach the American Dream while following family values and traditions. Then, as the world changed (at least in the mafia world), we are given The Goodfellas and what it's like to actually do the dirty work.

Goodfellas by a long shot.

Its really close on this one.The Godfather by a hair.

Goodfellas maybe more fun and hard hitting, but The Godfather is on a grander scale and is possibly the masterpiece of crime films.

Goodfellas cant beat the majestic Godfather.


The godfather is the godfather. No questions about that. But what it comes down to is rewatchability and how it entertains me. I only appreciate the godfather when I'm in the perfect mood to watch it. Goodfellas however can be watched multiple times and when I'm in any mood. It's funny, hard hitting and intense from scene to scene. Godfather is a chore to watch when you're not in a good frame of mind. So although the godfather is great, I will have to go with the rewatchable and ceaselessly entertaining goodfellas.

Like said above, Goodfellas was able to keep my attention far better than The Godfather. I do agree that Brando really steals the show in Godfather, but Pesci also manages to do the same in Goodfellas. I just didn't see that much in The Godfather, but I did like the sequel.

The Godfather beats Goodfellas.

Godfather is legendary.

Sorry I made a mistake, Goodfellas wins.

@Protozoid You have ABSOLUTELY no idea what you are talking about

Goodfellas, hands down!!

The Godfather.

The Godfather, hands down!!

Goodfellas is so much better, not to say that The Godfather isnt bad but it hasnt got shit on Goodfellas

Ha, The Godfather overrated?? No way in hell. Anyone who says that is misguided at the very least, anyway, these are two of my favorites, and I would like to add that while Goodfellas is more realistic, Godfather is not as unrealistic as people say. I love Goodfellas, but there aren't very many films in my mind that can even compete with The Godfather. Godfather it is.

2 bad movies... goodfellas less bad

Goodfellas is so much better than The Godfather is. First of all Goodfellas has better action scenes and better acting, while Goodfellas is based on a true story as well. Goodfellas for the win.

Goodfellas all the way!

Goodfellas will always a derivative of The Godfather.

Both great movies, but as far as gangster movies go only one beats The Godfather and that is The Godfather: Part II.

You definitely can't go wrong with either one of these classics but, if I must choose one, I have to give the edge to The Godfather. It's not personal, GoodFellas. It's strictly business.

The Godfather, Goodfellas is a good movie but the Godfather is superior

The Godfather is the best movie ever. So, i think it's obvious.

The Godfather by a smidge....

The Godfather is cynical. It panders. Enough money was pumped into it that it had to turn out technically outsanding. Goodfellas uses the medium in a much more communicative way. It's a more natural, substantial film.

GoodFellas wins it is absolutely amazing but if i watch the Godfather again i might change my mind.

These are two of the best gangster movies of all-time, but Goodfellas wins because the world Scorsese creates feels so authentic. The Godfather though great is very romanticized, also I love how Goodfellas follows Henry Hill from his childhood up in till he rats out his friends. The Godfather starts when Michael comes back from the war.

These are two of the best gangster movies of all-time, but Goodfellas wins because the world Scorsese creates feels so authentic. The Godfather though great is very romanticized, also I love how Goodfellas follows Henry Hill from his childhood up in till he rats out his friends. The Godfather starts when Michael comes back from the war.

Nadal24: no, he does

Goodfellas is perhaps more historically accurate and realistic but we are talking about films and The Godfather is a much better film.

Two gangster classics, but I gotta go with The Godfather.

I seem to be the only man on western hemosphere that doesn't like Godfather

So after seeing The Godfather for the first time I decided to not just jump right into Part II, but instead I watched that OTHER famous, highly acclaimed gangster film I still hadn't seen...GoodFellas. I liked GoodFellas a lot, but not quite as much as The Godfather. They're two very different films; one is a serious drama and the other...well...not a comedy, but it certainly feels more like a comedy than The Godfather. It's not as serious. I do have some small complaints with GoodFellas, like I thought it became a little sloppy near the end. It's hard for me to explain why I like The Godfather more than GoodFellas, because I feel they're both near-perfect. I guess it has something to do with the tone. Eh. They're both great, but I prefer The Godfather.

There are people who prefer The Godfather and there are people who prefer Goodfellas. I prefer Goodfellas. Not many films can top it.

They're both equally magnificent, but The Godfather wins for not having a stupid fucking bitch in Goodfellas.


I cant decite. Its a tie for me so Imma flip a coin.

The Godfather is just...better.

I feel exactly the same way about this as I do about the whole Reservoir Dogs vs Pulp Fiction debate. The Godfather (like Pulp Fiction) is a better film, but I personally love Goodfellas more. The whole sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll lifestyle of these lowbrow gangsters just jives with me better than the very romanticized top mobsters in The Godfather.

wow.......... IDK!!!!!!

Not even close...And that's coming from someone with Goodfellas in his top 20 but the Godfather is my second favorite film for many reasons, two of them are Marlon Brando and Al Pacino! Not even close..Not only is the Godfather the masterpiece of crime but possibly, the masterpiece of all films

The Godfather. Easily. A perfect film. Maybe the greatest of all time. I find Goodfellas the overrated one, even if Scorsese is my favorite director. It was uninteresting and Ray Liotta's voiceover got annoying after a while. Joe Pesci is awesome though. But no contest here. THE GODFATHER!

the godfather is way superior although i enjoyed goodfellas more on first viewing

If I'm going to be totally honest, if you laid those two movies out in front of me and told me I could only watch one, it would have to be Goodfellas

Goodfellas did have extraordinary performances & classic scenes, but Godfather had about 5 times of those. I disliked how after every scene, Liotta would start up with his voiceover saying"yeah it was like that & we were so happy & now its all gone." Goodfellas maybe more funny but at the end of the day its a morally & emotionally hollow story with ordinary opening & closing scenes. an argument often presented against the godfather is that its 'unrealistic'. Well i'll admit that Goodfellas deals with mob life better than Godfather, but then again Godfather is less about Cosa Nostra & more about family, its kinda obvious that it would lack the 'street things'. Oh i didn't even mention Willis' photography & Rota's score.

Godfather is a mafia movie masterpiece, and Goodfellas is a good, albeit more realistic, runner up Mafia movie.

GF was good but TGF was on another level and for that it wins by a wide margin.

Both are brilliant crime dramas but I think The Godfather is superior.

Regarding The Godfather being a "fantasy" film, I don't really consider it to be a bad thing. It's just a different way to tell a story. I guess it depends on which kind you prefer.

The Godfather. I don't know why we need to debate about this, it's obvious.

The Godfather is a masterpiece, but GoodFellas is better....

I liked both A LOT more than I expected to, especially in the case of Goodfellas as I haven't particularly empathised with Scorcese's work in the past as I probably should. That being said, The Godfather just emits more class and filmmaking beauty than Goodfellas, which is an intriguing, entertaining premise, but not nearly as handsome or timeless. The Godfather wins.

Both are masterpieces, but in my mind, The Godfather is noticeably better - that's how much I think of it. The fact that Goodfellas is based on true events doesn't mean anything when it comes down to which is the better movie. You judge what you watch. The reason I didn't like Goodfellas as much, is the second part of the movie with Henry being a junkie and all that. It's just a personal thing. I just didn't enjoy that part all that much (still enjoyed it very much though).

I love both but I have to choose. I mean its a masterpiece

The better movie will always be The Godfather in my eyes.

The Godfather by a mile

1972's The Godfather And 1990's Goodfellas Are Both Better Movies.

Goodfellas!!! Not even close!!! (Just kidding; very close)

The Godfather rules and rules for a reason. Both are great, however.

both are on top 10

Both films are fantastic in what they set out to do. Showing what the world of crime is truly like. As much I love Goodfellas, I prefer the Godfather. Mostly due to Michael character arc. A decent human being turning into a monster. I find that fascinating.!

After re watching Goodfellas recently, my vote has change to.. well Goodfellas of course. There just something about the way it portrays mob life, and the direction Martin Scorsese uses, that makes it so fascinating, and re watchable. Still love the Godfather, but Goodfellas is now my prefer choice.

The Godfather : Opera :: Goodfellas : Rock n' Roll - Rock 'n roll's just more my thing.

Possibly the two greatest gangster movies. Godfather Pt I wins however.

Goodfellas is the same than the Godfather only than better and funnier Martin Scorsese will always be better than Francis Ford Coppola

Ooh, intriguing matchup. Absolutely love both, but Godfather wins. A true masterpiece.

Gangster match up today for the first time I saw godfather and really enjoyed it it is great movie but I have to re watch it again soon .on the other hand I have seen goodfellas countless times and it is one of my all time favourite movie .Goodfellas has the edge here IMO

They are both great. If I were to sit down and watch one right now. It would be.......Goodfellas

The Godfather does nothing for me. Goodfellas was fantastic. The choice is easy for me.

Fuck GoodFellas, it can barely beat Taxi Driver let alone the best movie ever. GoodFellas ain't got shit on The Godfather. Godfather is the real OG.

I love the violence and the purest of Goodfellas, doesn't hide what mobsters were really like and I think it was shot better

Goodfellas may have more style and a bit more fun, but ultimately the pure classic substance of Godfather gives it the edge

when I was Young, I had picked Godfellas, nowadays, There is no doubt The Godfather rules. anyway, As far as Ive concerned, both can be considered as the 100 greatest films ever made.

Very hard, but i will go with The Godfather

GOODFELLAS Wins over Godfathers


GoodFellas back to back with The Godfather has tipped the scale to Scorsese 's masterpiece.

i liked more, The Godfather, Storie telling and the characters ...Very Nice!

Greatest gangster films, Goodfellas takes my vote.

Goodfellas I can watch repeatedly, Godfather not so much.

The Godfather

The Godfather. Love the writing of both films.

Love both films but the godfather by miles.

GoodFellas but I love The Godfather aswell

Both are masterpieces but the godfather is the biggest brilliance here.

The Godfather is my second favourite Goodfellas is my third

Goodfellas is Scorsese's masterpiece, but The Godfather is on another level. Its literally better in every aspect. Brando/Pacino>Pesci/De Niro

Goodfellas is way more fun and closer in theme to Sopranos-era mob cinema. Godfather, although a masterpiece, is slower and more methodic in its pacing, while Goodfellas keeps you at the edge of your seat.

The Godfather is the greatest movie ever made

I like Goodfellas as much as the next guy, but The Godfather is just better. Really, you can't go wrong with either.

Actually, I've changed my mind. Goodfellas.

GoodFellas is good, but it's not on The Godfather's level.

Dang, I need to stop changing my mind. Godfather.

GoodFellas is arguably a more rewatchable classic that I love, but I respect and like The Godfather a little bit more.

Godfather is easily the better film

What's more important? Technical Filmmaking? The Godfather. Entertainment Value? Goodfellas. Rewatch Value? Goodfellas. I'll chose De Niro, Liotta, Pesci over Brando and Pacino.