GoodFellas vs. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring



Fellowship of the Ring

VERY tough choice

Very touch choice indeed. I think FOTR will take the win.

Lord of the Rings beats Goodfellas...Goodfellas is 11 on my Flickchart but Fellowship is 1 on mine.....I watched it last night again for like a 5th time and is truly my favorite movie...Mindblowing in every aspect....

Goodfellas is much cooler and has far better action scenes, and far better actors. Goodfellas for the world.

Two greats. I prefer the fantastical journey of FOTR.


GoodFellas wins.

LOTR all time

In an absolute virtual toss's Fellowship.

Fellowship of the Ring.

Fellowship of the ring wins.It is top 5 movie compared to goodfellas which is a top 20

Fellowship is #2 while GoodFellas is #20 on my chart. Two of the most re-watchable films ever made for me.

I can't really stand GoodFellas. It's just a pile of ambitious shit. Lord of the Rings is amazing on the other hand.

Some dude on here said Fellowship is his favorite movie ever and he has only seen it 5x.... shit son I seen Fellowship 10x + and it isn't even in my top 20. I have probably seen Star Wars 100x and Robocop 25x.

Goodfellas is pretty good but LotR nails here..

The Lord of the Mafia Rings: The FellaShip of the Ring

The themes, visuals, and story in Fellowship of the Ring are more interesting so i'm choosing Lord of the Rings, but Goodfellas is written better and its characters are more interesting.


I agree with Palmon but I lean towards Goodfellas.

Incredibly hard for me... but in the end, even though Goodfellas is such an entertaining film and I've seen it twice over the span of a few days, Fellowship interests me just a bit more, and I've seen it 4 times, loving it more each time.

Viggo Mortensen, Andy Serkis, and Ian McKellen are great... but they don't even come close to De Niro, Pesci, and Liotta.

the best of scorsese wins here