GoodFellas vs. 2001: A Space Odyssey



2 classics,2001 is a artistic masterpiece,but it can get boring at times.Goodfellas on the other hand.Is more rewatchable.

Both Top 20 But 2001 is better in my opinion

For my money, "Goodfellas" is ridiculously overrated and I'm no Scorsese hater. And while I'm not the biggest fan of "2001" either, it's certainly the movie I'd pop in again if I had to pick.

2001 is better to me now.

I'll go with Goodfellas. Yeah, I enjoyed 2001, but it just didn't grab me like it did with most. Goodfellas isn't my favorite mob movie, but it gets the duke on this one...

Goodfellas is too good.

God fucking damn it, Flickchart...

Goodfellas more watchable but 2001 basically killed sci-fi with its magnificence. Both should be in the top 20 of anyone's list

GoodFellas all day over that snoozefest.



Goodfellas is my favorite mob movie. It's a classic. 2001, on the other hand, is legendary and pure genius. 2001 wins.

wow.. one film with hardly any dialogue vs another film fill'd with it

Scorsese himself said, "we are all sons of Stanley Kubrick." Without Goodfellas, gangster movies wouldn't be what they are. But without 2001, movies wouldn't be what they are.

Goodfellas is far superior.

Plain and simple: 2001.

Goodfellas was great. Probably my favorite mob movie. However, there aren't many movies out there that impact me as much as 2001.


2001 is victorious

If I had to pick one of these movies to be the only movie I ever get to watch again, I'd pick: Goodfellas

I probably enjoyed Goodfellas more on initial viewing, but I admire 2001 more for what it is, and believe that the latter is in much more need of a re-watch. Get a little bit tired of people going on and on about these two, but going to go for 2001 here.

They're pleasant good but I'm giving it to 2001


Goodfellas by a smidgen.

Goodfellas, 2001 was boring as fuck

Loved both but got to give the edge to goodfellas

2001 is better but Goodfellas is endlessly rewatchable and the characters are more memorable