GoodFellas vs. Return of the Jedi



The first time Goodfellas ever lost a matchup. It had been my # 1 movie for the longest time.

The worst movie from the original Star Wars trilogy up against one of my favorite movies. Goodfellas is better by most any standard I care about.

Loved Goodfellas, and I am aware it is amazing, but it loses against Star Wars because of my geekness.

It this was against Star Wars or Empire, maaaaybe. But it isn't.


Chalk up another win for Goodfellas.

GoodFellas did very little for me. I'm not sure I could necessarily explain "why".

@johnmason That happened to me the first time I watched it. After another viewing I loved it.

Great Scorsese film beats Jedi by a nose.

I realy love Return of the Jedi, But GoodFellas is still better.

Goodfellas was a much better movie in direction, plot and acting. It is definitely Scorsese's masterpiece

When it comes to Star Wars nothing wins. Return of the Jedi by a small nose.

Return of the Jedi for me. But only just.

Return of the Jedi. It is good for crime, action, adventure, family and comedy. It is the most overlooked film of all time. People wanna focus on the other films, but this is a genius creation.

Return of the Jedi.

Return of the Jedi wins this one.

I love GoodFellas more than any of the Star Wars movies.

Return of the Jedi definitely means more to me than Goodfellas ever will.

Hmmm....No love for Goodfellas, no love for Scorsese's masterpiece! I'm surprised because ROTJ is the weakest of the its trilogy....That being said, I do pick Return of the Jedi! Hahaha

Only an idiot would choose Star Wars over this masterpiece.

Gee, thanks.

Oh, I thought this was Star Wars. Turns out it's Jedi. Still, I would choose Star Wars (or Episode 4, or A New Hope, or the George Lucas fucked it up edition) over GoodFellas.

Well, not the George Lucas fucked it up edition. But unaltered / despecialised, sure.

Return of the Jedi for me.

Didn't love Goodfellas when I watched it but i have the compulsion to rewatch it. I know how good Goodfellas may be but it can't compare to the original trilogy, not even the weakest.

I think Goodfellas is overrated even though I love mafia movies. Close call, but goodfellas win

I prefer Goodfellas myself. Though I enjoy Return of the Jedi I still think it's somewhat of a weaker film.



GoodFellas>Return of the Jedi


Goodfellas is the critics choice.

I love the hell out of Return of the Jedi, but there's no way Goodfellas *doesn't* take this.