GoodFellas vs. The Shawshank Redemption



I'm surprised there have not been any comments on this one yet. While I love just about everything about Goodfellas, I love absolutely everything about Shawshank.

Goodfellas for sure!!

This is too hard. I think I'll take Goodfellas for its rise-n-fall feel to it.

Shawshank by a f***ing longshot!

I really love both of them but Shawshank wins.

My 10,000th ranking!!!! The Shawshank Redemption but close, its currently on a top 20 filter so there ya go :)

2 of the greatest films ever made. I'm choosing my number 1, Shawshank.

Going with the prison drama.

I'm switching to Shawshank. Both are fantastic films.

Shawshank... although this is fairly close.

Goodfellas whoops THAT ASS. God knows I'm a sap. I can be a real lovey guy. But I think I'm juuust too cynical to really get into Shawshank. Goodfellas wins because of what Marty brings to the table - style, cool tunes, and grace. Oh, and psychopaths (that cast, nigga, that cast!). Ol' Marty's "got that rock and that roll". Can't believe the slaying he's taking here.

The Shawshank Redemption. Both are in my Top 20, but Shawshank had a bigger impact, I was a bit more involved with the characters and it took you on a journey no other film can.

Don't love either.

The Shawshank Redemption wins GoodFellas is a great mob film but it was never my favorite Scorsese film Shawshank wins this match up of the day ;)

Goodfellas is very good but it doesn't compare to the greatness of Shawshank.

Shawshank is fucking overrated garbage. Goodfellas truly was a game changer. I'll take goodfellas anyday.

Goodfellas is great, but it still ain't Shawshank...

Goodfellas is filmmaking so far beyond the maudlin Shawshank that I can't even believe they belong to the same art form. Goodfellas is an invigorating, balls out celebration of what cinema has to offer. Shawshank is repetitive and obvious, with none of the élan Goodfellas brings to the table.


Goodfellas and Shawshank are really entertaining and great. Goodfellas beats Shawshank.

GoodFellas. Nothing beats GoodFellas, not even Shawshank.

Two of my absolute favorites. I love me some GoodFellas but I love me some Shawshank even more.

Both amazing but I'm saying Shawshank

GoodFellas is a pile of steaming hot dogshit compared to Shawshank.

Goodfellas gets the win here.I love Redemption but It can't match Goodfellas.

Goodfellas in a stomp. Redemption was boring.

The Shawshank Redemption by far.

Shawshank was way better

Goodfellas wins here for me, but that could change after a rewatch

Both classics for good reasons but GoodFellas wins for wit and charm.

I saw Goodfellas first but Shawshank wins

Probably my 2 favorite films of the 90s. As much as I love Shawshank, Goodfellas is hands down the best movie of the 90s

GoodFellas Is good, But Shawshank Is a master

Goodfellas wins by a huge margin. You are talking the best film of MS, De Niro, Joe P etc. Goodfellas is a real and TRUE story and is a masterpiece in everything