GoodFellas vs. Reservoir Dogs



This decision is the most difficult since I'm in flickchart!

Brutal choice, can't make a rational decision so my gut wins out with the dogs.

Dogs v's Fellas, raw v's accomplished. This time it's Scorcese next time, no doubt, it'll be Quentin.

These two films could not possibly be more different, and the gap in quality couldn't be much wider.

GoodFellas. The characters in GoodFellas were a lot more real than those in Reservoir Dogs. A bunch of talking walking gangster cliches.

Love Scorsese, but it's Reservoir Dogs for me.

Gotta be Goodfellas, although both movies are a lot of fun.

Goodfellas is one of the few gangster movies I like because it isn't one that glorifies the lifestyle (like Scarface). BUT, Reservoir Dogs is mythic. RD ftw.

Tarantino vs. Scorsese? gotta say Reservoir Dogs

Goodfellas but reservoir dogs is great

For sheer entertainment value, Reservoir Dogs.

I love both of these movies are great and it's almost a coin toss for me. I'm going to have to pick Goodfellas here but both are in my Top 20


Wow boy, now that's a tough one! How to choose one masterpiece from the other?

Gun to head. Two great films by great directors. You are invested in the the characters a little more.

I'll flip a coin.Dogs it is.

Goodfellas by far.

Goodfellas on this one. Only just though.

Dogs is more entertaining.Goodfellas loses its way in the second half.RD is great throughout.The dialogue is delightful in both the films though.

Goodfellas smack around the Dogs. Pure ass kicking right here...

Dogs is a bit more special to me. I saw RD before GoodFellas and instantly fell in love with it. I still believe RD is Tarantino's best. I love GoodFellas but not as much as I love RD. Also, I liked Casino more than GF.

Goodfellas for sure. Reservoir Dogs is a great debut for Tarantino, but against Scorsese's masterpiece it doesn't win.

Reservoir Dogs by a longshot

GoodFellas is good, fellas.

Dogs for me, but not by much.

Although I very much enjoyed Goodfellas, I think it's a little overrated. Resevoir is my favourite of the two although it's very close. Both are good films.


Do you guys think its backwards that Samuel L. Jackson was in Goodfellas and not Reservoir Dogs?

Reservoir Dogs. I really liked Goodfellas, but that constant narration got a little annoying after a while.

Goodfellas is sure amazing but for me...for now...Reservoir Dogs easily wins! I will however watch Goodfellas in the upcoming week and my opinion may change

Are you gonna bark all day little doggie, or are you gonna bite? Who would win in a fight: Mr. Blonde or Tommy?

Reservoir Dogs is better for me....Yet both are in my top 10

@JC13- Mr Blonde would win as would Reservoir Dogs in this matchup...The dialogue in RD is rarely matched, the characters, the plot, the execution and the fact that this is Tarantino's directorial debut and how amazing it turned out to be....Dogs wins!

Reservoir Dogs wins by a bit.

RD by a nose.

Oh gosh. I gotta go Goodfellas, although Reservoir Dogs is Tarantino's second best film. Both in my Top 20.

mmmmmmmm I choose Reservoir Dogs for being SLIGHTLY more entertaining. I'm not bashing on Goodfelas though. Very close call, both in my top 20.

mmmmmmmm I choose Reservoir Dogs for being SLIGHTLY more entertaining. I'm not bashing on Goodfelas though. Very close call, both in my top 20.

Goodfellas by a wide margin.

As much as I like QT's debut, Scorsese's masterpiece is the winner. It's a technical marvel which showcases the director's very best. GoodFellas is a film which has everything.

Fellas beats Dogs.

Scorsese Vs.Tarantino ya I am going Tarantino

Two great gangsta movies

Reservoir Doggystyle by a hair.

Reservoir Dogs............ best gangsta film in my opinion

Goodfellas for sure.

Goodfellas is better but i prefer Reservoir Dogs


Both are good, but I don't love either. Given the choice, I'd rather go back and watch Goodfellas. Overall, I probably prefer Tarantino's body of work over Scorcese's, but I really didn't rate Reservoir Dogs when I saw it.

Reservoir dogs must be in my top 30 but goodfellas is a top 10 material