Rebecca vs. Vertigo



Vertigo is a great movie, but I've never thought it was THAT great. Pick goes to Rebecca because it's frickin' awesome.

The underpraised Rebecca is better than the overpraised Vertigo.

Vertigo is every bit the masterpiece it is made out to be. Vertigo wins this one.

I will go with the under appreciated Rebecca.

It seems as though people choose Rebecca not because they think it's a better movie but because they feel it's underrated and feel Vertigo is overrated. I feel Vertigo gets a bad rap due to its lofty acclaim from Sight and Sound. It's like people disagree that its the best film of all time and proceed to prove it by picking other movies over it that otherwise shouldn't even be in the same conversation as Vertigo. Vertigo by miles. In fact, for me, the only Hitchcock film that comes remotely close to Vertigo is Psycho.

Speaking for myself, I chose Rebecca because I think it is simply the better film. Sure, I disagree with that Sight & Sound poll, but the idea that I or anyone else would pick against Vertigo as some sort of act of rebellion against that poll is just plain silly, with all due respect. Hell, I like Vertigo, but I'll take the fascinating Rebecca over it almost every time.

Just an observation. Maybe it doesn't apply to you. Maybe it doesn't apply to anyone in this particular voting. I'm just saying what it "seems" like. Admittedly so, I may be projecting somewhat, but I don't think it's "just plain silly". As for this matchup, I can't think of one single aspect of Rebecca that's better than Vertigo.

I really enjoyed "Rebecca". I thought it was a very good film. One of Hitchcock's best actually. But watching Vertigo again not too long ago, I honestly think it's a better and more fascinating film. The direction, story, atmosphere, soundtrack, visuals and the performances were all fantastic. For me, "Vertigo" is Hitchcock's true masterpiece, and it feels like the definitive Hitchcock experience for me. It's in my top 10 favourite films of all time. Vertigo gets my vote.

I agree wholeheartedly. As good as Rebecca is, Vertigo eclipses it by a longshot. Not even the same caliber movie.

Agree with joshua528491. Rebecca is #35 on my Chart but Vertigo is #1. Vertigo is a lot more emotional, artistic and deep!