Tropic Thunder vs. Zombieland



For some unexplainable reason, this pick is very difficult.

What do you mean, you people?

I loved Tropic Thunder. I also quite enjoyed Zombieland, but it reminded me why I really don't like zombie movies in the first place...


Tropic Thunder had more laughs and better performances.

As for storyline, it's obviously Tropic Thunder, but comedic value, it's Zombieland. Super tough one here, I'm gonna have to go with Tropic Thunder.

Zombieland, because it has Bill Murray.

In terms of humor, Tropic Thunder is very hit-or-miss. Zombieland is more consistently good (and it has Emma Stone).

Double. Tap. That's all you need to know...

This is tough, indeed. I agree with Prince Kelso and, to a certain degree, Caesar. Tropic Thunder has some really funny moments, but also many unfunny, comedically overwrought scenes. The plot is interesting, but yeah, some parts are groan-worthy. Zombieland was consistent for the most part and had some good laughs while building the characters. I'm siding with Zombieland on this one- even though I originally was going to pick Tropic Thunder.

Yes, Boonmee said it perfectly. Tropic Thunder is funnier, yet also has a lot more unfunny stuff in it compared to Zombieland...does that make sense? Anyway, Zombieland is just pure fun, especially near the end. It reminded me of Left 4 Dead 2...'Dark Carnival: the movie'.

Tropic Thunder

Tropic Thunder