Dirty Harry vs. A Clockwork Orange



great films both dealing with violence, Dirty Harry is great and a classic, but Kubrick's masterpiece is that much better. Even with the strength of Eastwood's performance.

Agreed. 'A Clockwork Orange' deals with so many things and is indeed the work of a master.

ACO beats again

Huh, a guy with the username "dystopia" chose ACO, really? Anyway. People who don't like Dirty Harry are the types who think Black Sabbath sucks, and I wouldn't be surprised if they use words like "rockism" and "hegemony" unironically.

Probably "patriarchy" too. Definitely patriarchy. And they get excited over "apps", whatever those are.

No I don't, stop being a judgmental prick and learn to accept other people's choices. A Clockwork Orange is a Masterpiece.

I'm going Dirty Harry, but this is such a close call....

1971 was a great year for film this is tough love both to death I think Dirty Harry wins

Dirty Harry.

Clockwork may be a masterpiece, and I agree when it comes to its story, but the actual film itself is a bit too disturbing for my taste. I'll take the badass movie here.

Come on, it's Stanley Kubrick.

Big Stanley Kubrick fan but Dirty Harry is freaking awesome!