Dirty Harry vs. Death Wish



Surprised there is no comments on this, i personally like Death Wish more

Wow your right no one has even commented on this two fun great one man action movies but Dirty Harry wins no doubt

Both main characters take the law into their own hands. Both main characters are played by absolute badasses. Death Wish is good, Dirty Harry is great.

Cool matchup. I always liked Bronson a little more than Eastwood and I like vigilantes more than cops...so Death Wish easily wins.

Dirty Harry...without a second thought.

CLASSIC! This match should have happened long ago around here. Love them both.

Death Wish !!!

This is an interesting matchup as they are both the "Unbuilt Trope" (works that invented a cliche, but also accidentally deconstructed it at the same time) to the loose cannon-cop and the urban vigilante concepts, but edge goes to the .44 Magnum.

Both movies are fsvorites of mine and it's hard to choose between the two. I think Dirty Harry is a better "film" but I get more replay value with Death Wish so I'll go with that one.

Death Wish is incredibly dated. That doesn't make it BAD, but I cringed at the very 70s-ness of it. Dirty Harry, by contrast, is very much of its time, yet somehow feels timeless. This isn't even really close for me. (Also, Herbie Hancock's Death Wish score drove me nuts, while Lalo Schifrin's Dirty Harry score is a pleasure.) It's a weird contrast, but I thought of this matchup right away after watching Death Wish, and Harry is so much better.

The definition of macho epic. They'll never make em like this ever again and they'll never be as good.