Dirty Harry vs. Zodiac



I just thought this match up was funny because Dirty Harry is mentioned in Zodiac. I think Zodiac is better, though. In real life, you don't always get to shoot the bastards.

Both of these movies are classics, as much as I love Zodiac I find it hard to pick against Dirty Harry because it's a movie I've loved since I was a kid and it opened me up to the world of Clint Eastwood movies and for that I will always be grateful.

Dirty Harry is awesome, but I agree that Zodiac is the better of the two, though. Scorpio has the same handwriting as the Zodiac killer. Another connection for ya.

I Too love Dirty Harry its a classic and Clint was in top form but Zodiac was eerie mysterious and the cast was perfect the fact that its based one of the best Serial Killers and its an unsolved case/mystery makes it more pulse pounding!