Dirty Harry vs. Shaft



how can i choose? they're even shooting at each other in the posters

Shaft is the greatest African-American film I have ever seen before. The director Gordan Parks is a genius, the pacing is right on, the acting is great. I'm not sure if even two Dirty Harry's could make the balls of one Shaft.

for me it comes down to how to you like your vigilant justice Raw or indignation as Shaft is out for blood any way how while Harry has to obey the law he is a cop sure he scars Punks with words and looks but Shaft can shoot first ask questions later! overall I like the tone and moral questioning of Dirty Harry more!

Shaft is good, but Dirty Harry's tighter story and arguably bigger gun (ba dum tiss) gives it the edge.

Shaft is some fun, but Dirty Harry is awesome. Damn, that serial killer plot, man. That phone booths sequence. Awesomeness in its purest form.

Where was that shared universe back in the day? Can you imagine these "cats" teaming up! Would make the Avengers look like scared children!

It's definitely Dirty Harry...