Dirty Harry vs. Magnum Force



Magnum Force is one of the finest sequels ever. It is almost as good as Dirty Harry.

Man, I love Clint Eastwood and Dirty Harry and it's so hard to pick which one of these is better. There seems to be more going on in Magnum Force, but it's a little less stylish, so I think I'm going to go with the original.

Two excellent Clint Eastwood movies!

Going with Dirty Harry, just barely.

Dirty Harry caused a lot of debate in the US in the early 70s. What's more important: justice or rules? How important is hard proof? Should a killer have rights if he killed numerous people? Magnum Force is more or less a response to this debate: "A man's got to know his limitations". Harry Callahan was very right-winged in the first movie, but he wasn't as extreme as the villains in the second. Magnum Force is a pretty interesting sequel because of this. But it does raise an eyebrow when you consider the ending of the first movie. They don't explain why he's still / back as a detective. As said earlier, Magnum Force has more going on than Dirty Harry, but isn't as stylishly directed as the latter. Normally I would go substance over style, but because Dirty Harry is easier to sit through and because it has more memorable moments, it gets my vote. But Magnum Force is certainly a fun sequel that's worth checking out if you liked the first movie.

Harry Callahan was a great movie character. Love all the movies but I will always go with the original.

Magnum force was good but not as good as dirty harry at least thats what i think

Magnum Force is Awsome a lot of fun but the original will always be the best of the series

Both are fun...but it's the original...

Both are the best Dirty Harry movies. Magnum Force is definitely a good sequel but it comes no where near the original which is fantastic.

"A man's got to know his limitations," Harry's catchphrase for Magnum Force, just might be better (or more useful) than "Do I feel lucky today". But Dirty Harry is the better overall film, and I don't think it's very close.