The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo vs. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo



Fincher's Tattoo takes the win here for me, but not by too wide a margin. It just feels tighter in terms of pacing and a bit more coherent in the plot department. Both versions of Lisbeth are exquisite, but Rooney Mara has the edge with her slightly more volatile performance. It also feels like the Fincher version is more explicit in parts, but it's been awhile since I've seen the original and that might not be a fair assessment.

I feel like the foreign version focused more on the story behind the family. It went more in depth about the other victims and the families situation. Finchers version was very long and draw some parts of the movie out. Some parts should of been cut out and other parts should of had more to it. But overall, I like finchers version better. It was darker and more enjoyable.

I rather go with Fincher here. Larsson wrote a book of a deep,dark,Whodunit plot,and guys, it's really a sad,sad history. Even compared with other Serial Killer movies. This depressing feeling would have to be perfectly translated in a movie,and fortunately it did. There are some strong moments that i really thought it would be suavized,but it was even more harcore than the swedish version. Rooney Mara did a OUTSTANDING job here. Fearless.

Watched both within a week of each other and Fincher's version is just more hard-hitting than the original.

Fincher's wins by a longshot. Everything is better, the casting the most pivotal.

Plus Fincher adds a few little touches to scenes that make it stand out over the original.

Both versions tell the story very well, and have great performances. I prefer Mikael Nyqvist's more vulnerable take on the protagonist over Daniel Craig's, but cases could be made for both of them. Both Rooney Mara and Noomi Rapace are fantastic in the titular role. In the end, I found David Fincher's version to be more artistic in its cinematography, and better paced than the Swedish original, and I really enjoyed the Trent Reznor soundtrack. One of these contenders is a top-notch TV adaptation, but the other is the work of a brilliant film artist. Fincher's version wins.

It's very close, but the original wins out in the end. It has better performances, and a more subtle approach that makes the film ultimately work better as a thriller.

Fincher's is a better adaptation of the book!

Oh yeah, fun fucking fact: Fincher wants to make 'Played With Fire' and 'Kicked the Hornet's Nest' as well, but the problem is that Daniel Craig wants too much money to star as Mikael in the two films. So, instead of paying him what he wants, the writers are thinking of *WRITING* his character off of the trilogy altogether. That's just...stupid. Very, very, very stupid.

Although I've warmed up to Rooney Mara as Lisbeth, I prefer Noomi Rapace's performance.

They were both good...but nothing super special in my eyes. I'll do a slight lean to Fincher's version...

I saw the Swedish version and sequels as movies first and liked them so much I watched the extended edition and loved the extra detail and slower pacing. Therefore, while Fincher's adaptation was undeniably tighter, I wasn't looking for tighter and the Swedish one wins for me although I'll never know which I would have liked better if my first experience had been reversed.

The perfect combination would be the acting in the remake and the frame for frame shots from the original. Overall, I'll take the more gritty remake.

Fincher's version is much better in my opinion.

i like the over the top feel in fincher's more

I feel bad choosing the remake, especially since I saw it 1st, but the acting was so powerful in the Fincher version that it's hard not to give it the edge over the original. Both are absolutely breathtaking.

The remake has stronger performances and Fincher's unique visual style but the original is a far more raw and hard hitting film! The changes in both films (minus production, language and music) are quite subtle however I think the last 10 mins of the remake undo the film a bit.

Both are kind of puke to be honest.