Day of the Dead vs. Dawn of the Dead



Dawn, all the way.

Day of the dead is vastly superior. Dawn was a learning process. Day is a masterpiece.

i agree with maddhatter, Day is the masterpiece, i think they both are excellent 10/10's but Day is just that much better and it is my favourite of Romero's Dead films

Day had better special effects, but overall Dawn was much more satisfying. I wasn't a big fan of Bub, especially his learning to use a gun. Also the acting in Day is so over the top.

Dawn, for sure.

Day of the Dead is so annoying. The most hate-able characters I watched in that decade of film. Dawn of the Dead has a cast you can root for, and the moment when one particular character wakes up a monster - that scene is still terrifying. It will forever be my favorite horror film. Day of the Dead is completely forgettable.


They could have been equals but Day is let down by some of the most atrocious acting I've ever seen.

I know i am in the minority but i am going to go with Day of the Dead. Dawn had a good message but the make-up and blood make it hard to watch. Day has the most iconic zombie of all time in Bub. The special FX are amazing. Rhodes was a terrific villain. Don't get me wrong Dawn is also a great film but Day is just my preference.

Day is a mess. The characters aren't there, the horror's not really there, the locations aren't there, the social commentary is asinine, and humanizing the zombies removes the core of what makes them a scary concept. Dawn balanced fun, atmosphere and brains expertly.

Dawn wins by a hair! The only thing holding Day back is the dream sequences that work surprisingly well for the film, but I just needed to dig for a reason why dawn is better. Oh and the alligator wasn't in it long enough!

For now Day

dawn is the better film Day was another level of the evolution of the genre but on a lower budget and less than steller cast writing and directing both really good but Dawn is a smarter and more fun film.

Both are better than Night in my opinion, but Dawn is the best of the trilogy.

Dawn all the way!

Dawn is more suspenseful and engaging.

Dawn is the better overall film. The acting, the story, the zombies, the message are all superior.