Snatch. vs. Rocknrolla



My 2 favorite Guy Ritchie films head to head. Touuuuuugh one. Gonna have to really think on this.

Rocknrolla easily. I have seen the movie 8 times and loved it each time. I didn't like Snatch that much though. I should definitely rewatch it but for now, RocknRolla is my favorite Guy Ritchie film.

My two favorite Guy Ritchie films not based on pre-existing material. (Yes, I prefer both of these to Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. And unlike most Flickcharters, I love The Man from UNCLE and his first Sherlock Holmes film as well.) Rocknrolla gets points for having a strong female character -- Thandie Newton FTW!!! -- and for the hilarious scene of Tom Hardy and Gerard Butler slow dancing. But it loses points for setting up a sequel that never ended up happening. I like the situations and characters in Snatch just about as well, though I don't think it's quite as crisp visually, and it's actually a complete film, so it wins here, by a hair.