Snatch. vs. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels



Either way Guy Ritchie wins...

How can you make me choose?!

I have no idea where I have them ranked as I write this so whatever it is I am letting it stand. I can't wait until Rock n Rolla gets added on here. I love Ritchie's style of film making. As long as he does not stray from it it he is brilliant.

Brad Pitt made Snatch & put it ever-so-slightly over the top of LS&TSB.

You know macsdad you make a good point. Pitt did a damn fine job with this one.

Tough call. Snatch steals (har har) the win.

Yeesh....This is quite a matchup. I think I'd go with Snatch, but Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels was a good spring board for the other.

I liked Lock Stock, I fell in love with Snatch.

Incoherent brad pitt for the win. both movies are awesome though

Brad Pitt Swings this for me... Both are awesome though

Guy Ritchie face off! Clearly Snatch

maybe the best of Guy Ritchie's work.. as he seems to be getting progressively worse. Think I favor Lock/Stock more.

2 british clasics and when u watch any of them at the end u think what a gr8 film and u think well done to guy ritchie but i say snatch

2 british clasics and when u watch any of them at the end u think what a gr8 film and u think well done to guy ritchie but i say snatch

Snatch is the winner because its funnier.

I agree with Sleestakk, Guy Ritchie is getting worse. Snatch still wins it though.

Guy Ritchie's two best. Both smart, funny, and original, but Snatch wins it because of the polish. You can tell Ritchie had had more experience when he made it, and that really pays off. Oh, and Dennis Farina is hilarious.

Brad Pitt alone is enough motivation to choose Snatch here. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels was decent, harmless fun, but felt disjointed. Snatch was without a doubt the tighter, funnier film. As Doc_Brown put it, Snatch is just the more polished film. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels looks rough and crude by comparison.

The old versus the new: tough but as much as I love Brad Pitt's "D'ya lake dags?" bit I'm a purist this time 'round.

"Lock, Stock..." is the best of Ritchie's. "Snatch" is good but for me it's only average replay of "Lock, Stock..." with bigger names in the cast.

I enjoyed Snatch more.

With the inclusion of Brad Pitt, who is one of the most gifted actors of our time, I would from the covers say "Snatch", but after reviewing both films I must say with a superior script and execution that "Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" wins the day.

Big choice here but Snatch sneaks it by a nose. As mentioned by others, Snatch is just a bit more polished than Lock Stock with the better actors and script.

Ze Germans are coming.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels felt like a mildly entertaining mess to me; Snatch is one of my favorite comedies of all-time. Take a wild guess which I'm picking.

Snatch for the incredibly funny characters, quotability and the twists and turns it takes. But lock, stock is the orginal and i find the storyline more interesting. my favourtie changes every day but right now i'd say.... snatch (or lock, stock)

It's so close. So close. Snatch by a hair, if only for the quotability and Brad Pitt.


Both Awesome Movies But Lock Stock Wins

My opinion is exactly like AlexHarris, they seem the same movie ! There are so many similarities but they are both great.

Lock, Stock for me. But I'll say...I think both are massively overrated on flickchart's all-time rankings list.

I hear a lot of people say Snatch is just a continuation of Lock, Stock and while that's kind of true, I also think they go so much further with that movie and explore so much more territory with it. Plus, there's Brad Pitt as a babbling, incoherent gypsy.

They are both great, but Snatch seems slightly better.

You didn't have to do this to me flickchart!

Lock & Stock is something but Snatch is something else. I laughed more in Snatch than I have with actual comedy films. Pure awesomeness. I'm going with Snatch.

Maybe it was a bad idea to watch Snatch before Lock Stock, because I enjoyed Snatch a lot more than Lock Stock. Don't get me wrong, I like Lock Stock alright, but Snatch is better in pretty much every way: acting, story, characters, style, cast, directing, and humor. And I was constantly reminded of that while watching Lock Stock. I love Snatch (no pun intended). It has Brad Pitt's funniest performance as a babbling 'pikey', a fantastic soundtrack, an incredible ammount of quotable lines ('Protection from what? Ze Germans?' and 'Why the f'ck do I want A caravan if it has no f'ckin' wheels!?') and is just a ton of fun to watch. So Snatch wins; it truly is the definition of cool.

Going with Snatch on this one. The acting is better and the story for me flows and is overall more entertaining with enjoyable dialogue & violence.

Only one has Brad Pitt as a crazy Irish gypsie, and that's the one that wins.

I think Ritchie was testing the waters with Lock, Stock. You know, figuring things out. Really good movie, but with Snatch everything was perfectly fluid.

As someone already mentioned, Snatch is just a copy of Lock, Stock... with a bigger budget; so i'm going with the original.


I like the protagonists better in Lock Stock, but Snatch has Brad Pitt being awesome. Also, Snatch is so much happier than Lock Stock, in terms of the end results.

Easily Snatch. Lock, Stock has good scenes but is poorer overall and I felt disappointed after it. Snatch was great the whole time (admittedly a lot of the greatness stems from Brad Pitt!)

Both movies scream Guy Ritchie... but Snatch was slightly (but undoubtedly) better. And the awesomness of Brad Pitt wasn't the sole reason. It was the most important though! Both films are great though - no doubt.

Snatch gets the win for me. The humor and dialogue is much better in Snatch than in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels in my opinion.

very tough call...but i guess LS&TSB wins but a width of a hairline

Simply put, Snatch grabbed my attention, while Lock, Stock didn't. The only thing I really loved about Lock, Stock was Big Chris--all of the other characters kind of blurred together for me.

Really enjoy them both - but Snatch is basically LS&TSB part 2, LS is the better movie.

Comparing "Snatch" and "Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" these two is like comparing "Pulp Fiction" to "Reservoir Dogs". Most worship the formers by I prefer the smaller debut latters


Lock and Stock for me. It has a better story and better characters. I liked snatch but it's a 7/10 at best.

Snatch Is The Better Movie, Funnier, Sillier, And More Action Packed