50 First Dates vs. The Wedding Singer



Adam & Drew, eh? I have to admit, I'm no big Sandler fan, but I actually thought 50 First Dates was kinda cute. Wedding Singer had its moments, but 50 Dates is better.

Not a Sandler fan neither, but I too actually kind of liked 50 First Dates.

One of the hardest I've come across, but I'm gonna go with 50 First Dates because it's more unique and creative.

reeeaaalyyy tough choise, I don`t know.

I do like Sandler. 50 was slightly better.

Oh man, what a tough choice. These two could do a hundred movies together, and they'd all be as good as each other. Wedding Singer, by a nose...

Both are a lot of fun. But, The Wedding Singer is a classic, in my book. "WOOBADEEDOO!"

Really enjoy both...but it's The Singer, hands down.

50 First Dates is the winner for me.

Wow, this a close one. They are both middle of the road movies for me. 50 first dates is touching, but there are some big holes in the movie that are hard to avoid given the subject matter. The Wedding Singer actually has some very funny scenes, so I'm going with the Wedding Singer in this one.

Love to touch the hinney.

Wedding Singer by a mile, I thought it may just be nostalgia but I really do prefer Wedding Singer across the board. It has some genuinely sweet moments 50 First Dates doesn't come anywhere near to.

I've always really liked 50 First Dates