Rush Hour vs. Rush Hour 2



No contest. Both sequels were watchable enough, but they really just shouldn't have gone there....

I didn't like the sequels that much, but the first one was watchable enough.

Face it, the first one is the only one worth watching.

First was and still is the best

I agree with all of you. I can only stand so much of Chris Tucker.

The first one is obviously the best of the trilogy, but the second one is also quite entertaining. Please don't ever mention the third film, though.



i actually kinda like the Rush Hour movies. I've seen movies that were A LOT worse.

No contest here. The first one has the hilarious scene with Soo Yung singing Fantasy by Mariah Carey in the car. Makes me laugh every time.

The first Rush Hour.

Wow, can't believe how one-sided the choices are here. I'll pick 2, and I'll tell you why. When trying to remember scenes from the first Rush Hour, all the ones that came up were scenes from Rush Hour 2. Nothing memorable from the first one even came to mind.

I'm going with 2. But love 'em both...

I thought that Rush Hour 2 was just 'meh'. Especially since I saw it back-to-back with the first one. They both have their charm, sure, but the first one was just more entertaining and a whole lot funnier.

Rush Hour is more exciting and funnier.

I'll take the second one. Sue me.

I love all three, but the first is the best.

Originals are always better

Rush Hour was very funny when I first saw it the film hasnt become a classic but its alright.

I love all of them funny as shit man. Rush hour 1 is the funniest i guess

The first one definitely


Rush Hour 2 is good for a sequel, but it's still very much a sequel. The first one wins.

The First is a much better film, it's tight and filled with great action scenes.