The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring vs. Raiders of the Lost Ark



The starts of two of the most commercially and critically successful film sagas of all-time. This is a close one for me, for sure, but I'm going to go with The Fellowship of the Ring.

Hard but Raiders is just more interesting to me and is probably one of my favourite films of all time

I always hate voting against Indy. Always. Even Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (though that happens A LOT more often). But I actually have at least 30 films ranked above Raiders, including The Last Crusade and all three Lord of the Rings films. It sickens me when I put it that way, but that's just the way it is.

"Raiders" for me. "Fellowship" has its moments, but it feels like what it is: a very long first act in a larger story. There's not much sense of accomplishment by the film's end, whereas Indy has saved the day & gotten the girl.

Fellowship is my favourite in LOTR and while it would beat Temple of Doom, can't get past Raiders.

LotR beats Indy. It´s that easy.

if it was two towers or return on the king this decision would have been harder, Jones gets my vote

Nazis win

Going with Fellowship of the Ring.


Raiders would rip both Towers and Return to shreds. I mean Dr Jones would really fuck 'em up completely. Fellowship is too damn entertaining though.

Fellowship. At least its story was more engaging.

LotR easy.

C'mon guys. It's Raiders easily.

Lord of the Rings is better. Indie is a great film though.

Possibly the two greatest adventure films. The "adventure" element of Fellowship makes it my favorite of the trilogy. The other two LotR are more like dark, gritty fantasy epics. In short, they're not as fun. Raiders for now but I suspect this contest will get a helluva lot closer with time. Fellowship is one of those girls who get hotter as they age ;)

Fellowship by a hair.

Fellowship all the way for me! The characters are better, both movies have amazing directing, music and action sequences but I prefer everything in LOTR over Indy!

Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Fellowship by far, the best adventure film of all time by far.

While Fellowship is the best of the LotR films, it still has some of the same issues found in the whole series. The film runs a bit too long, lacks any genuine humor, and almost requires the other movies because it doesn't stand up well on its own. Raiders succeeds in every area Fellowship fails. So, it is a close race, but in the end Indy whips LotR.

This is actually very hard. In the end I think my choice would be Raiders.

Finally, bringing out the big guns. Both are masterpieces of their genres, but Fellowship is a much more well-crafted, grandiose tale. LoTR wins.

Man this i hard! Raiders i think....

The two greatest adventure films of all time! Lord of the Rings is the winner.

Raiders wins for me

Raiders is great but I perfer The Lord of the Rings

Epic matchup for most, but easy for me as I'm a huge LOTR fan but not much of a fan of Raiders.

I actually gotta give the nod to Raiders...but by the smallest of margins.

I don't think the argument that Raiders stands on its own is valid. That doesn't make it a better film, it was simply going for something different. It was a 1940's serial adventure. Fellowship is a chapter of a longer story and never pretends to be anything different. Raiders was a triumph. It solidified Ford as a movie star and introduced most of us to the genre of Adventure. Lucas and Spielburg nailed it. However, they didn't have much to stop them, per se. Jackson, on the other hand, had everything working against him. He was trying to adapt the biggest/most complex fantasy series ever written in a live action way. The fans of the book were against him and it was a huge gamble for New Line to give this up and coming director hundreds of millions of dollars to make it happen. But it did. And it was glorious. A fantastic cast, stunning special effects, a wonderul script (that cut out all of Tolkien's unecessary bs) and incredible set design, this film was a milestone for cinema in its entirety. He knocked it out of the park. What more can I say? Team: Baggins!

I'm sorry Indy... I really am.

LOTR edges Indy

Fellowship by a landslide victory.

The Lord of the Rings for sure

Both great films are tough, but I'm choosing The Fellowship of the Ring as one of my favorite films.


Lord of the rings gets an easy victory. Never was a big Indy fan

For me Raiders is the most overrated film in my experience, LotR: Fellowship just one of the amazing films ever.


Raiders of the Lost Ark all day every day.

Lord of the Rings all day everyday.

LotR, once more.

Fellowship of the Ring. Raiders is good but I find the plot pretty normal for an action film amd while it execites all it's elements far better than the average action film, Fellowship is by far the best of it's genre

Fellowship is a lot more impressive technically but Raiders is much more fun.

Lord of the rings is far better than anything Indiana Jones here