The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring vs. Star Wars



It's Star Wars for me but this is an interesting and potentially divisive one.

I'm going with LotR for pulling off Hobbits and being an exemplary adaptation, but I wish I could choose both!

Star Wars, because of what it means for cinema history. Plus, LOTR is an adaptation of a book.

I am going to have to go with Star Wars for a few reasons. 1, The point of book vs Original story is a valid point. 2. Too f*cking long. 3. Re watch value, rings has little rewatch value. Don't get me wrong it is a damn fine example of filmmaking at its technical finest, but does not have the heart that Star Wars has.

"Fellowship" was always the best of the trilogy. "Star Wars" takes second (to "Empire"). I'm going with "Fellowship" because I honestly enjoy it more and because I have a weakness for movies with faux medieval settings... although I suspect that "Star Wars" received a higher score from me, overall...

I love both films, but anyone who think this is a competition is a silly ninny. Star Wars changed everything and we wouldn't have LOTR without it, at least not in an awesome cinematic form (yes, I know, the books came first). So... yeah.

Fellowship is a little slow on repeat viewings. Star Wars is too, but not to the same extent.

Without the LOTR movies, I'd still have the books which I prefer. Without Star Wars I'd have nothing.

Star Wars is epic storytelling. The Lord of the Rings movies were (wait for it) long and boring. Sorry guys, but the way I think about it is which one would I choose if they were both on cable on a lazy day. For me, LOTR doesn't win many battles using that logic. It sure as hell doesn't beat Star Wars.

Fellowship is my favorite LOTR movie. Star Wars (though I fully acknowledge it is THE film that changed filmmaking) is not even the best Star Wars film. The Fellowship of the Ring happily sits at #1 on my Flickchart.

Both are journey movies. Frodo heading for Modor and Luke on his journey through the Force. LOTR is very pedestrian (slow) until about half way through the movie. Star Wars kicks it into high gear immediately and doesn't stop. While LOTR is a better story, Star Wars is better cinematically. Star Wars for the win.

It's difficult to compare these two films without analysing the trilogies - as much as I love The Fellowship, I have to agree that Star Wars has a greater re-watch value (not that it necessarily makes it better) and Star Wars has an energy about it that will make it a classic for a long time to come. LOTR will always be considered a classic, but that's partly riding on the reputation of the books.

@fgomike: Funny, I find Star Wars to be the "slower" movie.

LOTR: Original story by the most creative writer, like, ever. SW: Kurosawa knock-off set in space with utterly predictable plot. Going with the Lord of the Rings on this one.

the freakin fellowship suckeed im sorry most boring movie in the world all of them were star wars is the winner hands down the whole lord of the rings crap they were just walking the whole time star wars will always be the best no matter what

Star wars is far superior in every way. Always!

In what ways, exactly, are Star Wars superior, Bonfire? All Star Wars had on it was potential. Potential which was thoroughly squandered by laudable execution. Lucas is an idea man, ill-equipped to translate those ideas beyond the story stage to a coherent, respectable script. No matter how I might feel toward its source material, The Fellowship of the Ring milks it for all it's worth thanks to a superb cast and direction. I would be lying if I were to say its narrative never dragged. But better it drag than be a muddled mess like Star Wars was.

Fellowship is a great movie on its own, while Star Wars nowadays is only the setup for the near-perfect Empire Strikes Back.

I'm suddenly reminded of one of the best scenes in Clerks 2. I think we all know what my choice is.


Fellowship is just far better -- in every way, imo. I don't really care about "history-making" films when I choose my favorites. I just pick which one I like best. And that's Fellowship. It's not my favorite LOTR film (all the chase scenes got tiring after a while), but it's more entertaining than the original Star Wars (which I find kind of slow in pacing).

I think I'll be going with Fellowship on this one. While I love both of them, Star Wars loses appeal for me on every viewing, while Fellowship keeping improving. Don't get me wrong - Star Wars is still immensely entertaining. But Lucas' writing keeps bugging me more and more every time I watch it.

I always preferred fantasy over space-opera.

A tough decision I'm a big fan of the Lord of the RIngs movies and the first one is my favorite but I don't think I'm willing to pick any of them over Star Wars.

Both movies were the beginning of a revolution. Star Wars was what all the nerds were waiting for while LOTR was something that the book lovers and fantasy nerds could love and worship! I thought the first LOTR was more entertaining than the first Star Wars, even though the first Star Wars is an epic movie according to critics. But LOTR takes the cake for me! =D

Star Wars is currently #1 on my list and although it deserves a top 10 spot, I loved Fellowship more so down you go, Star Wars.

I love both films to the extremes. But it's obvious to me which one i like more. I've watched The Lord of the Rings Trilogy about a bazillion times and I just can't get enough of it. Every time I watch it it's 3 hours of pure enjoyment. Star Wars is awesome, but i gotta go with LOTR on this one

There was a time were I would have chosen Fellowship, but now it's Star Wars with no hesitation.

The Fellowship of the Ring was entertaining but Im going with Star Wars here.

Even when i only had the books i like LotR more.

Fellowship. Great movies, although both get slightly worse with each viewing. Empire is better than both.

Two greatest trilogies ever? Probably. Star Wars is iconic for me...

Great films, great matchup, and I think Star Wars is slightly better.

Picking a winner in this matchup ain't like dusting crops, boy. I have nothing but admiration for The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, but how can I pick it over the greatest movie ever made?

Lotr simply because at this movie caliber there is no point in comparing plot strength ect and I prefer the more in your face action style then lasers.

star wars is better

Fellowship just edges out Star Wars.

For a film that runs at almost three hours long, Fellowship almost never bores me.

It's amazing, especially as a kid.

star wars is better

star wars a little better

Fellowship. Darth Vader is the only part of Star Wars that I like.

SW may be a legendary tale but FOTR to me is just more enjoyable, more complete, better world, better characters, better action and far better direction and dialogue

Oops I don't know what's wrong. I don't know how that happened!

FotR takes the edge

Tough one, but I think I'll go with Star Wars.

I think I'm gonna switch over to Star Wars.

Two of the greatest starts to two of the greatest trilogies of all time. Both are top 15, but Fellowship has the slight edge.

Star Wars used to be in my top 10 but sadly dropped to 20 after a few more viewings. Fellowship has always been switching between 1 and 2 on my Flickchart

Fellowship, but not by much

Star wars is the worst movie ever.

LOTR beats SW in my books, regardless of which movie. I love both, but I love the LOTR franchise even more, and since FOTR is my favourite in the trilogy, this is a no-brainer.

Both are fantastic starts to epic trilogies. FOTR is just richer in every way for me though. The lush environment of Middle Earth is amazing.

LOTR is a clear winner for me. While Star Wars had a massive cultural impact and is a fun popcorn movie, LOTR is just simply a better made movie. Its beauty far exceeds that of Lucas's space-opera.

The Lord of the Rings is the greatest trilogy of all time.

Star Wars blows Middle Earth into pieces with the Death Star. Star Wars for the world.

The Lord of the Rings is great of all time

Okay, my previous comment was a bit of a bold statement. Lord of the Rings isn't necessarily the greatest trilogy of all time, just my favourite one at the moment.

Switching to Fellowship.

The movie that changed the world! Let me see you overwhelming that

Lord of the Rings beats any Star Wars

LOTR have beaten SW 1 2 3

Return of the King is my favorite of this trilogy and my favorite movie of all time followed by Fellowship of the Ring which is my second favorite in this trilogy and my second favorite movie of all time and Star Wars (Ep 3-6) are in my Top 20. I think LOTR while longer has more memorable scenes. So close one, but Fellowship, unlike The English Patient and The Tree of Life, is fun and you don't feel the length of the movie while watching it.

LOTR wins of everytime, it's getting scores when over SW

This has got to be one of the biggest Debates in Cinema History. Here goes My opinion....... Fellowship is the Better Film, Star Wars is the Better movie going Experience. This isn't easy folks........ But they were released in the same year I would have to go with Fellowship.

Fellowship may be better than New Hope

Wow this is series...

I go with always Fantasy over Opea Space

On way that really know that LOTR over SW, to me of LOTR can have magic blocking of the magic powers to protect on Middle Earth, SW shell not pass for it.

Sauron against Darth Vader

The first releast of Fellowship & New Hope of Originals

I have to go with Lord of the Rings.The movie introduced me to many other books and movies including STar Wars.Plus I like Medieval-Fantasy settings for some reason.

LOTR is my 1# SW is my 7#

Which over at my (opinion) SW Episode 1 ANH, which is probably not supier for me of like a classic, which I like it to be as Empire strikes back.


Fellowship easily .I was never a star wars fan

I've always been more of a Star Wars guy. I still love LOTR, though.

Star Wars

I always though FOTR was very good, but weaker than The Two Towers and Return of the King. Star Wars wins for now.

LOrd of the rings in my opinion

Is this a joke? Lord of the Rings wins by a mile

both the better of each franchise for me, fellowship wins.

For now Lord of the Rings is more influential than Star Wars, certainly Lord of the Rings isn't ruined by social justice warriors or have social justice messages, basically Star Wars makes more sequels and merchandise, it basically has more flaws and not aged well, furthermore j.r.r. tolkien took his story more seriously than george lucas dis with his, as for me Lord of the Rings is better times than Star Wars is.

For now Lord of the Rings is more influential than Star Wars, certainly Lord of the Rings isn't ruined by social justice warriors or have social justice messages, basically Star Wars makes more sequels and merchandise, it basically has more flaws and not aged well, furthermore j.r.r. tolkien took his story more seriously than george lucas did with his, as for me Lord of the Rings is by far better times than Star Wars is.

I try not to be too negative on FlickChart (unless I’m talking about a movie I really dislike) but can people stop spamming these discussions? 1-2 comments are alright but 5+ on the same day (and probably within one minute)? It’s alright if you’re debating something against someone else but this is ridiculous. 4 users have commented 5+ times, one of them (not naming any names) on different occasions. I like seeing who picked what and I also like getting an idea of how even or one-sided a match-up is.

TLotR: TFotR is far perfect...


I love Star Wars but I give the nod to Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.

Fellowship destroys any Star Wars movie

Star Wars is way better. Alec Guinness was also a far better actor than Ian McKellen. While Peter Cushing was a far better actor than Christopher Lee.

Its really very tough. Fellowship by a hair

Both movies and series are classic but when you grow up, you can still watch LoTR with the same feelings. Star Wars on the other hand, will feel more childish.

The original Star Wars is one of the most influential films ever made, and aside from that it truly is a remarkable film. That being said, Fellowship was just a more enjoyable and better journey to me.

ANH and ESB beats every LOTR for me

@noobpb17, I honestly even prefer ROTJ over every LOTR but that doesn't change the fact that they're awesome movies.

Interesting how much one's opinion can change over the years. I am know picking Fellowship. Of the SW films, only TESB comes close. for the record: FOTR > TESB > ROTK > TTT > ANH > ROTS > ROTJ > TPM > AOTC >> AUJ >> BOTFA > TDOS

ROTK >= ESB = FOTR >= TTT >= ANH > ROTJ > AUJ >= TDOS >= TFA >= ROTS >> RO >= BOTFA > The rest of the Star Wars movies