The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring vs. The Shining



"Fellowship of the Ring" is my favorite LOTR movie but against "The Shining"? I'm not a big Kubrick fan but this is one of his films that I simply can't deny its awesomeness.

The Shining wins no contest.

The Shining to me is Kubrick's masterpiece but Fellowship to me, easily takes it.

The Shining, no doubt.

Both are fantastic masterpieces of their genres. The Lord of the Rings takes it though.

Kubrick wins.

Here's Johnny!

Both masterpieces, The Shining being the best horror film out there. But Fellowship is spectacular, and takes the win.

Fellowship, and this is getting closer

LOTR, No contest.

FOTR folks.

This is no matchup. LOTR is quite stupid in some moments but it's entertaining. The Shining is great cinematically and as entertainment. The Shining easily

It's Jack over LOTR...

Damn you flickchart!!! REDRUM wins by a slight favor.

Lord of the Rings was a way looong entertaining, and fantastic. Well, one of my favorites growing up, but it doens't stand a chance here.

Number 1 on my flickchaft against my last number?

The Shining

Jack Torrance > Sauron.