Halloween: H20 vs. Halloween: Resurrection



H20 is definitely the better movie here. Resurrection is not unwatchable, but I still don't know what they were thinking there.

Battle of the shitty sequels! I'll take horrible LLCoolJ acting over horrible Busta Rhymes acting. H2O wins.

H20 was not good but Resrrection is Bad not even enjoyable at all and im one of the biggest fans of the franchise even both remakes are great compared to Resurrection.

I thought H20 was one of the better sequels to the Halloween films I don't hate Resurrection as much as other people do but it is definitely the worst in the series so my choice is H20

H20 is just kind of dull if you ask me. Resurrection is a far worse movie though, but I had fun laughing at it.

H20 feels too much a product of the 90s, but that's to be expected after Scream. I don't like how it retcons/ignores 4-6 BUT I'd watch H20 any day of Resurrection. Why? Because one of these films is a slight annoyance to me, but still enjoyable to watch and one of these films is absolute trash.

Resurrection is an absolute piece of garbage... H20 might be a tad dated, but Resurrection was dated before it was even released

H20 is very tasty actually. If only Michael drowned someone, in that movie.