Repulsion vs. Rosemary's Baby



Polanski vs. Polanski. For me this isn't close. Repulsion is a such a creepy, almost over-tense study of a disintegrating mind. The hallucinations show the true terror that Catherine Deneuve's character is undergoing. Mia Farrow just annoys me. Her unhinging doesn't seem nearly as credible even though (spoiler) she's not imagining things. I do like the ending though. Repulsion wins.

Repulsion is super creepy and brilliant but Rosemary's Baby is better put together a more intense experience im more in love with the story and the twist of the cult neighbors simply Rosemary Baby is slightly better horror film one of the best of the era and influences all others way more cause of the mainstream success.

Im going with Polanski haha, im going with Rosemary even though i like Repulsion alot too there pretty close

Rosemary's Baby, Although I'll admit the ending to Repulsion goes down as one of the Scariest Scenes in Cinema History.

Rosemary's contest.

Rosemary's Baby is more consistent and involved in characters.

14 and 15 on my chart, but I can't decide which is which. I think I'll give Rosemary's Baby a slight edge, but that could easily change.

Repulsion had me on the edge of my seat for more of its duration, but I feel like I'd be more likely to rewatch Rosemary's Baby.