Dazed and Confused vs. The Breakfast Club



THE BREAKFAST CLUB is one of those pretty Hollywood lies meant to put a band-aid on everyone's highschool wounds while simultaneously glorifying the shallow institution that is turning out country's youth into puppets. Give me DAZED AND CONFUSED, which used satire to deflate four years of tension and abuse with laughter. Thank you, Mr. Linklater.

tough, love both, even though I'm too young to be from either generation. gonna have to go with dazed and confused though, linklater>hughes

Dazed and Confused by a mile here...

High school showdown! Breakfast Club is my generation but Dazed & Confused is the better movie.

Gotta agree with Protozoid's analysis. The Breakfast Club just doesn't ring true to me.

I'm beginning to get a little concerned here. It seems every movie site I go to is filled, absolutely filled, with poor souls lamenting their torturous high school years. This I do not understand. Unless you're one of the lucky few that makes it big, High School is as good as life can get. You're surrounded by friends and girls, you have no genuine burdens or responsibilities, you vibe to music and feel an excitement that gradually dissipates as you age, you play ball, you show-off, you prank, you joke, you laugh. Yeah you rage and say you wanna leave ASAP, but that's mostly rebellious tough talk (which was fun too). You know what I loved about those formative days the most? The hierarchy man, the fucking parochial world where you can carve out your own rep. It's as though your entire world, your entire community exists within those baron walls. Every soul knows or knows-of every soul, and when you do something great... word fucking travels! It's like living in a western or in an X-Men comics; your name always comes attached to a list of achievements, specialities and attributes. And this is why I dislike the end of The Breakfast Club, the whinging. There's also the matter of that stupid message about how everybody has problems. Yeah they do, but not everybody has enough of a problem to merit that kind of pathetic display of emotion.

Cleckley has said what is easily the most genuine comment I've ever seen in a discussion on this site. Bravo.

Thanks, man. Anyway, I feel bad about my grammatical brain-freezes and such. And "baron"? Euch! Fuck a homophone.

"That's what I love about these high school girls man; I get older, they stay the same age."

Breakfast Club is a great film and I lived through a similar expierance as a a school jock a learned to be nice to the geeks and cheerleaders equally the film hits home a lot plus the best part of Dazed is Matthew and he was only in it for 8 total minuets.

easy Dazed and Confused

Breakfast Club but a bit!

Both films are classic coming-of-age cinema! Dazed and Confused has a bigger scope and focuses on a range of locations, while Breakfast Club is set over a detention. I prefer the latter for making good use of that through standout performances and brilliant dialogue.