Stalag 17 vs. Double Indemnity



having to pick a favorite with wilder makes me sad

Both great but Stalag 17 has the perfect balance of comedy, drama, and mystery.

I'm picking Stalag 17 too. But that's largely because I want to punch Fred MacMurray.

Stalag 17 is damn good (Did Billy Wilder ever make a bad movie?), but I think I like Double Indemnity a bit more. While I find the stories each movie tells to be about equally good, Double Indemnity featured the snappier dialogue and the better performances (Fred MacMurray rules).

After seeing 5 Wilder films (and really liking or loving them all) Double Indemnity is still my favorite.

Stalag 17 had hotter actors in it so I have to chose that one.

Stalag 17 is Billy Wilder's most underrated film. I like Double Indemnity, but Stalag 17 had me on the edge of my seat the first time I saw it. It takes a great filmaker to find comedy in a POW camp, then switch gears and add that kind of adrenaline from the audience from the suspense.

Double Indemnity gets the W....